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Amara Muzik Latest ‘KA KHA GA GHA is a Roaring Musical Entertainer

‘KA, KHA, GA, GHA’ is a social comedy on the dreams and aspirations of four young men and how it translates to a fairy tale finish. So it’s natural that a film that is meant to uplift spirits, and end on a high, will have songs that are equally inspiring.

The music and trailer rights for KA KHA GA GHA have been acquired by Amara Muzik. Music Director Anindya Chatterjee has done exactly that penning and composing four songs that are equally amusing, satiric, romantic and brilliant.

From ‘Chal Shuru Action’ to ‘Kuchur Muchur’ the songs are steeped in deep humour and alternative take on a society that is apathetical and inclusive in the same breath. “Naam Na Jana Pakhi’ has a romantic flavour, while ‘Mission Ka Kha Ga Gha’ encapsulates the climax of the movie. Rii does a cameo in the song Kuchur Muchur, an item song with a difference. The BGM is also completely in sync with the content of the film.

The songs are in no way merely esoteric to the movie. They help in pushing the plot forward and at other times acts as a musical accompaniment to the prevailing mood of the film.

Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Rupam Islam, Upal, Sidhu, Soumitra, Prashmita Paul and Anindya himself have lent voice to the songs bringing different singing styles and tenor to match the ensemble cast of the movie.

Produced by Dr Krishna Mukhopadhyaya, this Krishna Movies Production is directed by Dr Krishnendu Chatterjee, who has done an amazing job with the rib tickling yet thoughtful content of the movie.

Amara Muzik is blazing its way in the Bengal music digital space with more than 40 Film music albums and 50 short films in the last 2 years of operation. Into their third year, their association with K2G2 sets the tone for a robust and earful 2018 ahead. This year has also been earmarked for producing “Singles” by leading and upcoming artistes.

“We continue our journey to bring in quality soundtrack and this album is an ode to connoisseurs of music. This beautiful album has an eclectic mix of Rock, ballad, band culture and the wizardry of Anindya da that has been woven beautifully in the film”, says Shankar Venkataraman from Amara Muzik.

Anindya Chatterjee, the music director of the film said, “It was fun and a pleasant challenge doing music for the movie. It has a masti song, a romantic song, an item number and a group song all within a comic set up. And to have different band members Rupam Islam, Sidhu, Soumitra Roy, Upal and myself coming together was a great experience.”

Photograph by-Koyel Paul

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