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Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal comes together for a song in Ka-Kha-Ga-Gha

The Bengali film released Ka Kha Ga Gha will feature a soulful romantic song Naam Na Jaana Pakhi sung by Shreya Ghosal and Arijit Singh, reinventing the duo as a romantic pair in Tollywood playback music. Lyrics and Music of the movie has been done by the versatile Anindya Chatterjee and he is excited at the way the duo has sung the number. Arijit and Shreya have voices which are out of the world. They can give life to any song effortlessly. This is a situational romantic song and it has been dealt craftily and in a manner that is both commendable and exciting. The song is filled with hope and aspirations of two young soul trying to find feet in the shifting sands of time. Arijit Singh said “I liked the way Anindya da composed the song. The lyrics are very touching and the music as expected is very beautifully”. “I have always wanted to work with Anindya. He is so talented and his words are so filled with human emotions. The music is also done beautifully. I hope people like us” Shreya said.
The music forms an integral part of this romantic comedy that talks about the aspirations of young in times of adversity.

Please find below the link to the song… (LINK:)

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