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KAYA the mystery unfolds

Famed Filmmaker Ranjan Mitra and his team travel to Meghalaya to recce for his upcoming film. Ranjan’s team comprises of his chief assistant director Riki, second assistant Swarnali, secretary Sraboni, DOP Rimoh and production manager Santu Basak.

As they step on Meghalaya, Ranjan and his team become a witness to several unexplained supernatural acitivities which have a strong connection with Ranjan’s past.

The three women in Ranjan’s team engage into a psychological war of jealousy and lust within themselves. On the other hand, Santu and Rimoh try to spark off a feat of disbelief against Ranjan. It seems that they know something from Ranjan’s past which can incriminate him. The recce goes on amongst these internal turbulences Upon Ranjan’s insistence, his team is forced to stay at a remote forest resort on the hills. Ranjan’s team members frown at the dearth of mobile phone network coverage at this resort. There is no vehicle to carry them around, too. A murder takes place! Ranjan and his team get stuck at this hilly resort. Soon, they start unleashing their inner demons by getting rid off their urban polish and gloss.

And Ranjan’s team gets acquainted with a mysterious and pretty woman. Another person gets murdered! Can Ranjan and others escape from the resort? What evil will they face on their way to escape? Will Ranjan’s past.

Photograph by- নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি

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What's New Life