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Corporate Cricket Tournament 2020 starts at CC&FC

Calcutta Cricket & Football Club is back with yet another treat for all the Cricket lovers in the city, with their CC&FC Invitational 6-A-Side Corporate Cricket Tournament 2020. The tournament will be starting from 18th February 2020 and will continue till the 21st March 2020.

The tournament will see the participations of 56 teams, which will have mostly
the corporate houses participating. The matches will start 6pm onwards on
weekdays and 4pm on weekends. All the sport enthusiastic members of this
prestigious club will be present at the event to witness the power-packed
tournaments and the exciting fight for the trophy.

One of the most popular sports in India, Cricket has always garnered maximum interest and when the tournament is the one that has been organized by Calcutta Cricket & Football Club, who are known for their long association with sports and tournaments, it is sure to attract the attention of every sport lovers in the city.

About CC&FC
Founded in the year 1792 by British expatriates, Calcutta Cricket & Football Club is not just one of the most famed clubs in Kolkata for its contribution in various sports but is also the oldest club in the country and one of the oldest in the world.
CC&FC is also the most talked about destination for parties and social events.

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