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  • Varanasi Photography Tour

    1. 26/04/2017 - 30/04/2017
    2. All Day

    A private, fully-personalized photography tour of four or more days to the oldest, continuously inhabited city on the planet. A photography tour to an unparalleled destination – one that encapsulates the very essence of India. A photography tour led by Sushavan Saha. that will leave you with an experience – and photographs – never to be forgotten. That, is our Varanasi Photography Tour for you – a journey to the very Soul of India!

    Day 1: Kolkata to Varanasi ……. start our train jurny

    Day 2: Varanasi – Street Photography around the ghats of Varanasi – The evening worship ceremony – Overnight at Varanasi

    Day 3: The Crack of Dawn – Head-to-head with the morning rituals – Life on the ghats – Street photography – The Ganga Aarti revisited – Overnight Varanasi

    Day 4: Life on the ghats – Day 4afternoon :Return to Kolkata

    Day 5 : Back to Kolkata

    Note: This is a sample itinerary. Your photography tour leader may modify this itinerary as he sees fit.

    Bookings are closed for this event.

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