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“An artist’s art is the discovery of self and the demonstration of the words that are hard to explain”

An artist’s artwork is often the confrontation of his/her self. The illustration of the artworks often depicts the vast world that resides in an artist’s thought. Parama Ghosh, a renowned designer who has set-up a new definition of traditional clothing, has been catering her clientele with the best of her creativity exhibiting the unnoticed aspects of life. Since childhood, she has an inclination towards paintings and creativity. She started her journey with colours and paints when she was only 3 years old. In her creations, the finest of the arts jumbled with simplicity has always been the main attraction. Whether exhibiting an artist’s artwork or illustrating simple diagrams depicting the mundane beauty of everyday life, she has always done it with great proficiency, conferring the greatest traditional clothing line of her time.

History has witnessed a great many artists who have not only astonished the world with their incredible artistry but also has drawn a fine line between the conventionality and unconventionality building a strong foundation of their own. One such artist is Vincent Van Gogh who unlike many, started his journey with canvases from the age of 27 but this journey entangled with flamboyant creativity and darkness of the mind ended with his suicide at the age of 37. The madness camouflaged in vivid colours and expressionism has reflected in every canvas through the tips of his brushes. From self-portraits to landscape, he aced in every bit of the artistry and creativity opening the path to modern arts through his creations. Though he couldn’t grab fame during the time he lived and often called “the mad artist”, after his death his creations received appreciations and are considered to be one of the greatest artworks of all time.

Parama Ghosh, an ex-lawyer, quitted her 10 years long job in the law firm to persuade her dream of becoming a designer and that’s how “Parama” was conceived. Apart from being a designer by profession, this famous personality is an art lover and this aspect of hers often reflects in her designs. This time Parama Ghosh is paying tribute to her one of the much-loved artist “Van Gogh” with her collection “Meghe Dhaka Tara” in collaboration with “Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti”, a 16 years old organization which aims at women empowerment. She has incorporated Van Gogh’s artworks in the jackets by recreating the magic with a mix of indigenous fabrics like Ikkat and upcycled Khesh integrated with appliqué. These creations have assimilated chosen artworks by Van Gogh which includes “Starry night” a famous landscape which was done by the artist during his days spent in a mental asylum, “Sunflowers”, which were many times the subject of this exceptional creator’s artwork and was portrayed in different manners by him, “Irises” a painting which was called “the lighting conductor” by the artist himself as he felt he will be able to defeat his mental illness if he continues to paint and lastly the jacket bearing this celebrated artist’s name with the swirling colours imprinted upon which is named “The art. The artist and everything in between”.

This time delve into the luminous world of colours and creations with “Parama” delineating” the stories on fabric”. To purchase any of these vibrant creations, do contact “Parama” on her social media sites or can directly call/ email her on the given contact details.

Instagram: kIZAHHd_v0bfDNc2u8y0iCiAXg
Contact number: 98304 59687

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