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Tapsil Jati Adibasi Praktan Sainik Krishi Bikash Silpa Kendra

 “Tapsil Jati Adibasi Praktan Sainik Krishi Bikash Silpa Kendra” organized a press briefing session on “Composite Agricultural Farming” in the presence of Mr. Haridas Seth, President, TJAPS Krishti Bikash Shilpa Kendra; Mr. Soumen Koley, Secretary, TJAPS Krishi Bikash Shilpa Kendra and Ramprasad Bagchi, Assistant Secretary, TJAPS Krishi Bikash Shilpa Kendra at Press Club, Kolkata recently.

​The highlights of the session were new innovations in the agricultural industry and bigger employment opportunities. The successful implementation of the future of the existing employees of “Tapsil Jati Adibasi Praktan Sainik Krishi Bikash Silpa Kendra” in 204 blocks under 18 districts in Gentegori, Palashy, Dhaniakhali, Hoogly, West Bengal -712303 was also announced in the press conference.

The organization is providing spontaneous service in the lac culture enormously all around the state. Beside lac culture; sericulture, pisciculture, mushroom, vermicompost, bio flock, pilse, millet are growing in the huge amount in every district of West Bengal with the acute assistance of the organization. Beside this, the organization has adopted major scheme to work for growing Kadaknath Chicken, Maringas, B- Farming composite agriculture farming. This organization has planned to work in SHG group with the help of FPC from the starting of the New Year.

Moreover, the organization has managed to export lac and mashroom in foreign market to promote the work strategy and make economic profit.

Mr. Soumen Koley, Secretary of the organization said, “We are bound to fulfill all the projects of Central Government of India with under devotion. I have asked my colleagues to be more responsible toward their duties. The regular employees are going to be beneficial due to their spontaneous effort. The employees have secured a permanent source of income and they are going to receive all the government facilities including payment. The huge number of projects running through the state will not only secure some source of income for 6, 500 existing workers but the number will also be increased. All the organizers and workers who had been striving devotedly behind the organization will be rewarded. States like Bihar, Jharkhand, Odissa, Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana are going to be beneficial along with West Bengal.”

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