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The Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2020 hosted by Famous Emcee, Anneysha Thakker

Famous anchor Anneysha Thakker hosted the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2020 at Royal Calcutta Golf Club.

The 15th Edition of BPFT 2020, Kolkata edition was a fashionable day with great personalities from the fashion fraternity. The show commenced with an amazing showcase by the GQ winning designer Stanzin Palmo. Followed by this was a very enlightening panel discussion on how traditional craftsmanship can survive in the modern era. The last showcase was by the legendary Anamika Khanna. The theme of the showcase was #MyCraftMyPride. Actor Arjun Kapoor and Actress Jahnvi Kapoor graced the stage as the showstoppers of the showcase. Overall, BPFT put up a magnificent show worth which will be remembered for a long time.

Anneysha Thakker has been hosting The Blenders Pride Fashion Tour since 5 years consecutively. She is one of the most talented Emcees the city could have ever got. She had the opportunity to work with some great personalities.

Speaking on this occasion Mrs. Anneysha Thakker said, “This was my 5th Consecutive year hosting for BPFT. Each time I host it’s a different experience. There is always newness and uniqueness in the show .I had a dream come true moment in the show by meeting and learning from Gautam Bhimani. It was one of a kind experience”.

About Anneysha Thakker: She is one of the leading emcees of India. With her forte being in Sports Presentation & Corporate Events, Anneysha enjoys an exceptional degree of trust from her vast client base for creating an unforgettable event experience. Specializing in being a Sports Presenter at the top sports events of the country, Anneysha has carved a unique identify for herself as an emcee. Anneysha has shared the spotlight with the most eminent sports personalities of the nation and across the world.

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