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A Taste Of Authenticity And Tradition Brought To you By Bongnese


Bengali Cuisine is a seamless mixture of tradition and people from various standing of life. People it seems has a prevalent influence in deciding the course of the journey for Bengali cuisine, be that because of their ethnicity, religious beliefs or economic condition. Time has weathered Bengali cuisine to a marvelously succulent creation.
Bengali food has often been summed up with two of the staple foods rice and fish. But this picture is not true, only a hint to a much bigger picture it has been founded on. Bengal has a blessed geographical location in the Ganga delta and rich soil which has contributed to be the source for a wide collection of foods in Bengali cuisine be that vegetarian, non-vegetarian or deserts.
Rice and fish are indeed two of the most prominent and recurrent ingredients in dishes be that for breakfast, lunch or snacks. Rice in Bengal is consumed in a variety of forms, like boiled, beaten, puffed, fermented etc. Fish is one of the main and prominent  name in the non-vegetarian section of Bengali cuisine and we Bengalis can’t do without Macher Jhol or Jhal. But Bengali cuisine has other types of meats, mainly chicken or goat meat and also eggs and many types of dishes are prepared from them that are indigenous to Bengal, some of the commonly known are- Kosha  Mangsho and Mansher Jhol and both are either prepared from chicken or mutton. The really mind-boggling fact is the umpteenth amount of vegetable dishes Bengali cuisine has founding right and pride upon. Also last but not to be excluded is lentil and its various number of preparation in Bengali cuisine
It is said Bengal is the sweetest part of India a fact evident in the desert collection of the region. Milk is a prominent ingredient in most of the deserts and some of the popular deserts are Mishti Doi, Rosogolla, Sandesh, Payesh, Pitha etc.

Bengali cuisine is a quintessential essence of everything Bengal has to offer. Bongnese is a restaurant in Saltlake serving the authentic and traditional food of two different but neighbor (in a roundabout geographical sense  ) cuisine of Bengal and China. Bongnese  is one of the very few in their endeavor to collaborate Bengali food and culture. The most widely acknowledged fact is Bengali food and culture go hand in hand. Literally, every Bengali culture is associated with some kind of food.

Bongnese is very determined to not only carry forward the traditional essence of Bengali cuisine that is inherent to Bengali culture but also bring back some of the lost items of Bengali cuisine. Time has changed the taste of  Bengali people and as a result, the traditional taste is slowly losing in the tide. The most remarkable fact about Bongnese is that not only they are trying to retain the traditional taste of  Bengali cuisine but they are trying to bring back the lost treasure of Bengali cuisine.It is truly an exhilarating and refreshing prospect for Bengali people and connoisseurs of Bengali food. Every visit to the place is gateway to mouth-watering food festival for food-lovers to come across and just quench their hunger to their hearts content.


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