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Want to experience the winding of plates at the restaurant? Well Then you don’t need to travel all the way to foreign land , Aajisai, the fine-dining Japanese dine den located on the 5th Floor of Quest Mall, has made that possible! Over the past one year, it has been pleasing the gourmands of Kolkata with a hand full of experiences like never before! It’s the first-of-its-kind in Kolkata, the fully automatic Sushi Conveyor belt for a-la-carte dishes has already blown away the city of joy with its unique and inviting aspect.

It feels like a dream when your favorite plate of Katsu Curry or your bowl of Ramen accompanied by delectable Sushi or Sashimi comes directly from the kitchen on an automated carrier and all you need to do is just pick up your food! The first Dine out place to have the Teppanyaki section divided into veg and non-veg. This live counter has large steel plates with special equipment to make sure the steam doesn’t disturb the guests, where the food is being cooked. Nevertheless Aajisai, as always have again kept its connoisseur of good food intact with its special
vegetarian Set of Meal Menu.There are altogether three meal sets that Aajisai has come up with and it’s like “who said vegetarians have got only a few dishes to eat?” The Course of each meal is been categorized as per the amount you pay and to make these dishes affordable , Aajisai has kept a pocket friendly budget so that the city of joy eats well and enjoys well.

Coming to the course meals, Aajisai is providing the cheapest of its course meal and that too a variety of veg dishes to choose on starting just at Rs. 1250/-, a Five course meal containing the delicious bunch of dishes like- Burnt Garlic Vegetable Clear Soup, Sweet Potato & Onion Tempura, Cottage Cheese In Choice Of Your Sauce (Onion Chilly Oyster Sauce/Chilly Black Bean Sauce), Sticky Fried Rice (with Baby corn, Mushroom, Carrot, Onion and Garlic), and Matcha/Tender Coconut Ice Cream, this five course meal contains right from starter to a main course and is way cheap to enjoy a fine Japanese cuisine . The Next course of meal is not five but seven dishes meal covering the best of Japan can offer to the city of Joy dishes such as Burnt Garlic Vegetable Clear Soup, Asparagus Tempura Roll, Corn And Water chestnut Dimsum, Five Kind Assorted Vegetables In Chef’s Special Garlic Sauce, Cottage Cheese In Choice Of Your Sauce (Onion Chilly Oyster Sauce/Chilly Black Bean Sauce), Sticky Fried Rice (with Garlic, Baby corn, Mushroom, Onion, Carrot), Coconut Ice Cream Or Matcha Ice Cream is been provided at just Rs. 1350/- only.


Kolkata with its foodie culture will surely dip into these mouthwatering dishes but dishes are not over yet! Aajisai has one more seven course vegetarian meal course which one can avail at just Rs. 1450/-, in which the dishes are a combination of the finest of Vegetarian, high quality, beautifully presented and healthy meal one can ever imagine to have as a gift all the way from Japan. This Seven course menu include , Burnt Garlic Vegetable Clear Soup, Rock Corn Tempura With Spicy Mayo, Vegetable Kakiage Roll, Assorted Mushroom In Chilly Garlic Sauce, Tofu Steak In Spicy Ginger Bean Sauce, Sticky Fried Rice (with Garlic, Baby corn, Mushroom, Onion, Carrot), and
finishing with an Ice Cream – Tender Coconut/Matcha.


Aajisai, has not only introduced these three vegetarian menu into its list but at the same time has also brought out the best of Japanese and incredibly large cuisine to the City of Joy, leaving no stones unturned for a vegetarian foodie to enjoy a meal and saying “Oishī tabemono!”



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