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Anand Ahuja will not allow Sonam Kapoor to sleep with her phone post marriage

Do you know how addicted Sonam Kapoor is to social media! If there are 24 hours in a day then Sonam spends almost about 18 hours on social media be it Instagram or Twitter. Say for that matter, even now when she just have 2 days to go for her wedding, she is busy uploading videos on her Instagram story letting the world know about her wedding prep and the gifts that she’s receiving from all her well wishers. We personally love Sonam for being so active on social media because it helps us stay connected with her but her beau Anand Ahuja thinks otherwise.
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During her recent interaction on Firstpost’s new show “Social Media Star”, Sonam spoke about the rule that Anand has laid for both of them. “It’s a rule basically Anand has put on both of us. Right before I sleep I have to put my phone on charging in the bathroom or I charge it in the hall of other room.”, said Sonam adding how it’s all thanks to her social media addiction. Quite a pact signed between the two, no? I think every couple should have this rule between them.

On the same show, Sonam also revealed the reason why she didn’t make her relationship with Anand public in the media, until the wedding announcement. She “Social media is in my control. I am not going to disrespect this person and be like that he doesn’t exist in my life. At the same time, I am not going to disrespect that person by speaking about him and other people interpreting in a different way. So I will not talk about it or hide it.” Guess, this is exactly how she’ll treat her relationship even after marriage with Anand. Each to their own we say. As far as they are in love and they are setting relationship goals for us, nothing else matters!


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