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Angiographic Interventions- The game changer in the management of stroke

Commemorating “World Stroke Day,” R N Tagore Hospital organized a Press Conference on launch of “Comprehensive Stroke Management Program” at R N Tagore Conference Hall today. The session witnessed the presence of all consultants of Department of Neurosciences, R N Tagore Hospital, Kolkata. The Press Conference was organized in order to raise awareness about recognizing different types of strokes and its prevention and treatment.

A stroke is a “brain attack” that occurs when the supply of blood in the brain is cut off by either a clogged or burst artery. Stroke is considered as one of the leading causes of preventable disability in the world. As per report, Stroke is known as thid most common cause of death around the world after Cardiac diseases and Cancer. It is to be noted that every year almost twenty million people suffer from stroke and of these five million patients die every year. Every 4 minutes 1 person in India dies of Stroke. In most of the developed countries, stroke is also considered as a critical factor for epilepsy and depression and also a major cause for functional impairments. As per the report, from Indian Council for Medical Research, one person suffers a stroke in every three seconds and a death is reported in every three minutes in India.

Angiographic Interventions- The game changer in the management of stroke

Data suggests that forty-one percent of death in India are results of stroke. Stroke survivors require intensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy to recover their loss muscles and nerves. There are possible ways through which every individual can prevent stroke. These include lowering blood pressure by reducing junk food, proper exercise. Stroke could also be prevented by controlling diabetes and also by quitting consumption of tobacco.

Dr Kaushik Sundar, Stroke and Interventional Neurologist atR N Tagore Hospital said, “India has always had a high incidence of stroke patients every year. One can prevent the impact of stroke, if the patient gets all the medical facilities within the first few hours. Due to the changing lifestyles, stroke is not related to older people; even the young adults are also affected by stroke. Patients with large strokes, if they present to the hospital in time, can be taken up for angiography (just like in heart attack) and the clot can be removed. Awareness is the key to prevention and every patient must be aware that by adopting healthy lifestyles, one can prevent stroke”

Dr. Nitin Manjunath, Facility Director, R N Tagore Hospital said, “The most important thing in stroke management is probably bringing a paradigm shift is interventional procedures. The lifetime risk of stroke after 55 years of age is 1 in 5 for women and 1 in 6 for men. Every forty seconds, one person in India develops Stroke and every four minutes, one person dies due to stroke in India. At R. N Tagore Hospital, in the last one year for every 3 Neurology admissions we had one stroke patient. We are happy to announce that R N Tagore is now a ‘Stroke Ready Centre’ where our hospital will cater to all kind of stroke prevention facilities. Also it’s a step ahead in Comprehensive Ready Centre by adding Neuro Intervention procedures.”

About Narayana Health Network, Kolkata:
Narayana Health now serves the people of Kolkata through its chain of 8 network hospitals & clinics in the city located at Mukundapur (EM Bypass), Salt Lake, Howrah, Hiland Park, Lansdowne and Barasat. Narayana Health’s unparalleled heart network in Kolkata comprises of six Cath Labs across the city and 43 Cardiac Consultants with emergency specialists working round the clock to ensure health for all.

About Rabindranath Tagore Institute of Cardiac Sciences:
Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) Kolkata is a 681 bedded NABH accredited Multi Superspecialty hospital located on Eastern Metropolitan Bypass at Mukundapur. RTIICS is one of the leading hospitals in eastern India, operating in cardiac sciences (including heart transplantation), renal sciences (including kidney transplantation), GI Sciences (Including liver transplantation), Neurosciences and Orthopedics.


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