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Badshah Broke World Record Of Most Viewed Music Video

Badshah Broke World Record Of Most Viewed Music Video Indian rapper Aditya Singh who is popularly known as Badshah has made a world record with his newest music video Paagal. His video broke any records made by any music artist in the whole world.

Badshah’s music video Paagal witnessed 75 million views in just 24 hours which broke the record of Korean boy band BTS’ song ‘Boy With Luv’ featuring Halsey in April this year.

Paagal which was released on Sony Music India’s YouTube channel has 115 million views till now. It broke not only broke the most viewed record in 24 hours made by BTS’ song ‘Boy With Luv’ but also broke several sky-touching records made by Taylor Swift’s Me and Blackpink’s Kill This Love as the most viewed music videos.

Though Badshah created a significant buzz by cracking apart several high records, YouTube which is one of Google’s subsidiaries has gone out of its usual norm of praising one of its high ranking viewed videos.YouTube lauded videos of Ariana Grande’s Thank You Next, Blackpink’s Kill This Love and even cited Taylor Swift’s Me as “most-viewed female solo debut.”

This raised several suspicious whispers across the field about Badshah’s marketing technique on Paagal. Some said Badshah took advantage of server farms and bots both of which are known as stream fraud and embedded his video as Ad, if anyone watches the Ad more than a few seconds it will count as a view.
This technique was also used by Taylor Swift for Me and Blackpink’s Kill This Love. Badshah, listed as one of the 100 richest celebrities in India by Forbes was not credited by YouTube.


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