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Bangladeshi passport among weakest five in the world

Bangladesh has ranked 90th in the Global Passport Power Rank 2018, two notches lower than its previous ranking.

It has been named among the five weakest passports with visa-free score of 35. Bangladesh had ranked 88th in the 2016 Passport Index.

Singapore has the world’s most powerful passport, according to the Global Passport Power Rank 2018 by global financial advisory firm Arton Capital.

Singapore is the first Asian country to top the list, the report says, while Germany is in the second position, followed by Sweden and South Korea in the third place. Meanwhile, India is ranked 75, Pakistan 93 and Nepal 89. Source: Dhaka Tribune

Coming in at last place, Afghanistan is ranked 94 with visa-free score of 22.

The Passport Index is a free online interactive tool that sorts and ranks the world’s passports by their cross-border access, assigning a “visa-free score” according to the number of countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or with visa on arrival.


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