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Binge on scrumptious Bengali Street Food at “Kolkata JomJomat”

Kolkata has always been a paradise for street food lovers. Kolkata is the Cultural Capital of India which is a heaven for foodies. Kolkata Jomjomat, a brand new addition in the culinary world was launched at Avani Riverside Mall today in the esteemed presence of renowned singer Surojit Chatterjee and popular Film & Television Director Pompy Mukherjee. The owners of Kolkata JomJomat Mrs. Papia Bhattacharya, Mrs. Shemonti Chanda, Mrs. Anupama Mukherjee along with Mr. Sukant Mandal, Consultant chef was present to address the media. The occasion witnessed the unveiling of their logo and their food and drinks menu.

The name Kolkata JomJomat emerged from the idea of highlighting Kolkata’s distinctive street food soaked in the inimitable spirit of the city. It is a celebration of the true taste of Kolkata cuisine which has been showcased over the years by several well-known Kolkata food joints.

Speaking on this occasion, Mrs. Papia Bhattacharya, Owner of Kolkata JomJomat said “Kolkata has the best street food. We wanted to bring the best fast food of Kolkata here so that people can enjoy this mouth watering fast food under one roof in Howrah. We look forward to strengthen our presence in more parts of Kolkata to new realms of success”.

The food welcomes people who are looking for a scrumptious and delectable menu.  There is a wide selection of street food like Moghlai Paratha, Fish kobiraji, Chicken cutlet, dak bungalow chicken, fish finger roll, railway mutton curry, pulao . On the dessert section there is some mouth watering dishes likemango soufflé, fruit salad, mishi doi. The tossed aromatic rendition of their delicious gourmet is just what is needed to open up our taste buds on a gloomy day.

Mrs. Shemonti Chanda, Owner, Kolkata JomJomat, further added, “From office goers to friends, families and couples coming for quality time – we want to provide a memorable dining experience. The menu is beautifully customized to satisfy every palette and I hope Kolkata JomJomat carves a place in the culinary world.”


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