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Blog to Plate with Madhushree and Debjani

There is a fine line between cooking with love and writing about it. With Debjani and Madhushree, that line is blurred every time they put out their glorious dishes for their loved ones. For the longest time, followers of these feisty women have drooled over their food stories. Narrated in their signatures styles, with warmth, passion, and attention to detail, their blogs have traveled through time, cultures and experiences. And now, for the first time, the irrepressible kitchen queens have joined forces, to bring to life their finest and most treasured recipes from their blogs.

Blog to Plate, in its debut avatar, is the first such food experience in the city, that takes pride in its wealth of culinary traditions. It is a pop up that is a smorgasbord of flavors, textures, aromas, of vintage recipes from undivided Bengal, treats from homely family meals and cooking techniques that pay rich tributes to the produce of the land.

The eclectic menu offers a glimpse into the worlds of these two keenly followed bloggers, who have perfected their style and their oeuvre as home chefs, working mothers, and women who remain deeply rooted to their heritage while being mindful of an evolving palate.

Blog to Plate, Version 1, is a culinary experience you cannot afford to miss. It is food made with love, served with pride. And with a dash.

What: Blog to Plate with Madhushree and Debjani version 1

Where: Udita Bengal Ambuja Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Calcutta, Kolkata 700075

When: 16th December | Time: 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Priced at: 1200 + gateway charges as applicable per person.

RSVP: +91 9958 004 089 | +91 9830 635 672 | +91 9867 086 145


Blog to Plate with Madhushree and Debjani

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