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CEE AMPAI 2020 online entrance exam has successfully been conducted

The Association of Minority Professional Academic Institutes (AMPAI) has conducted the first of its kind online Common Entrance Examination 2020 on 18 October, for the 739 seats of minority quota.

The entire examination process was proctored by 37 proctors engaged in individual remote locations at their own setup. Each proctor monitored 30 candidates during the exam. An interactive window was provided to the candidates with proctor during the same. As compared to other online entrance exams which were held recently in the country, this exam has proved to be a success.

The convener of CEE AMPAI Mr. Bidyut Majumdar said “The outcome of first online entrance exam of our state was overall satisfactory and we are hopeful of conducting such exams in the near future.”

About JIS: JIS Group is the largest educational conglomerate in Eastern India.It was the brainchild of Late Sardar Jodh Singh, which now has more than 30 educational institutes along with over 140 courses and more than 37000 enrolled students in various academic fields.The Group is dedicated to nurture research and knowledge initiatives, to empower students with education and employment opportunities, to establish worldwide network with industry and to entrust the enterprise as well as charge its students with social responsibilities.

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