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Celebrate MAKAR SANKRANTI with mouth watering PITHE-PULI platters at CHILEKOTHA

Bengalis are famous for “baro mashe tero parbon” and winter is nothing exceptional. The very start of the year happens with Bengali’s much-awaited and one of the favourite festivities “Makar Sankranti”. During January, every household of Bengal smells of Nolengur, which becomes exceptionally important to end the dinner with in this season.

Makar Sankranti which is also known as Poush Sankranti is fundamentally celebrated as harvest festival in every part of Bengal. The freshly harvested paddy and Gur (jaggery) are used to prepare varieties of mouth-watering pithe. Kolkata is known for its diversity of culture and arts, and food is of no exception in this case too. Pithe puli has a diversified list to offer to savour during the winter with nolengur which adds more flavour to this. Gokul pithe, Chitoi pithe, Kheer puli, Patishapta, Roshbora are some of the flavoursome pithes that rule the kitchen of Bengali household during this time.

Chilekotha,one of the most loved Bengali restaurants of Kolkata, has already caught gastronome’s eyes for its authentic Bengali cuisine and its interior that will take you to the bygone days. The wooden furniture, Kori Borga ceilings of the old Kolkata, Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the saxophone kept on a marble engraved table, the wooden switchboards and the portraits covering the side walls which bears the tale of the old Kolkata, every part of “Chilekotha” tells the story of the days we have left behind. This 50 seater restaurant never fails to bring on the plate the quintessential taste of “Banglar Hensel” and thus they are bringing for their Kolkata clientele two different types of Platters of “Pithe-puli” on this occasion of Makar Sankranti.

The first platter includes lip-smacking Saatpuri(2pcs), Bhapa pithe (2pcs) and Nolen Gurer Chusir Payesh. Like every nook and corner of Chilekotha tells a story of bygone days, their Saatpuri pithe also has a story underlying its delectable taste.

Saatpuri is a famous sweet of Medinipur which is sent from the bride’s house to the groom’s house during the Saatpuri Amavasya(New moon) as a token of love. This ritual has been persistent for hundreds of years.

Modernity and development is part of our lives and the food has also been adapting new style, taste and flavour. So considering the new age life, the second platter of pithe includes Maacher (Fish)patishapta (1pc), Chanar(Cottage Cheese) Patishapta (1pc) and Koraishuti(Peas) r Sandesh (1pc). These platters, full of scrumptious pithes, are available from 14th January to 26th January at a pocket pinch of Rs. 210/- only. So if you are too busy to prepare pithes or want to try out some new varieties of pithes do visit at Chilekotha and savour your favourite pithe on this occasion of Makar Sankranti.

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