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Chill your Dil with BB’s Summer Cocktail Pairing Menu

While the rays are scorching and the temperature is soaring, the soul craves for some fruity boozy drinks. Staying hydrated is the most important thing in this season. We can never deny that there is no better alternative other than water for quenching our thirst, but a refreshing cocktail can always be an add on! What say? Prioritizing your summer requisites, Bombay Brasserie has curated an extensive list of cocktails to help you get rid of the weary weather and make you feel refreshed this summer! Not only that, there are some BB signature dishes paired with those refreshing drinks. The menu includes some amazing mango cocktails as mangoes are the first thing we look up to during the summer days. The mango drinks include Spicy Raw Mango Margherita, accompanied with Naga Ghost Pepper Wings, Mango Martini, paired with Aam Papad Paneer,Mango Mint Mojito, accompanied with Anardana Mirch Paneer and Mango Margherita, paired with Panch Phoran Chicken.

The refreshing list doesn’t end here. The menu also includes Ketel One Dreamsicle, accompanied with Crispy Suji Bites, Pina Ketel, accompanied with Galouti Kebab, Ketel Miscela, paired with Chilli Cheese Kulcha and last but not the least Ketel Litchi Lemonade, paired with Guntur Podi Chicken.

What can be more perfect than this combination of fruits and flavours to beat the heat in just one icy sip? All these cocktail pairings are priced at Rs. 699/-. So, as the summer heat keeps increasing, let’s take a break and get rid of it with these uber cool summer beverages. This Summer Cocktail Menu will be available till the end of June.


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