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Corona Outbreak and the Big Fat Indian Wedding Industry

“Recession ho ya inflation, Shaadi toh honi hai” (Band Baaja Baraat) but what if there is a health threat?
Then ofcourse things change.
With the arrival of April, the official Wedding season for the year 2020 was about to begin. But who could have guessed, that with the onset of summer we will be facing such difficult situations. With the outbreak of novel Coronavirus not just in India but across the world, everything is changing rapidly with each passing day. Cities are going under complete lockdown and economy might hit a new low.

In situations like this, what exactly are the soon to be bride & groom planning to do? As April steps in, in its full bloom, many couples had the plans to tie the knot in the most extravagant summer weddings. But as we look into the current scenario, April and May weddings are definitely cancelled and postponed to later dates. Weddings which were to take place in the latter half of 2020 are also being postponed. While some are planning to tie the knot in close family functions, what exactly will happen to the destination weddings? We asked Mr. Karan Johar, CEO of Shloka Events, the best destination wedding planner in Kolkata, how are they coping up with the present situation, his approach towards this global outbreak was quite positive.

“We are definitely working from home, doing extensive researches on new destinations, new venues, unexplored locations and hotels which might be helpful for couples who will be looking for destination weddings after everything is back to normal. Our team is working hard to tap on new talents and reach out to new vendors and ensure a smooth execution of the most unique wedding plans. We are taking this Quarantine period as an opportunity to retrospect deeper and explore newer avenues.”
On the other hand, the bridal couture stores of the city, which usually remains abuzz with activities during this time of the year are all closed, fighting together to defeat the widespread of the virus. As weddings are getting postponed or  cancelled, it is definitely posing a big hurdle for their business and leading into a steep fall in the sale graph. Some of the weddings are even tuned down to a much low scale event, restricting budget for the bridal trousseau, which is again affecting the bridal trousseau industry of the country.
One of leading names when it comes to luxury bridal trousseau, has its base in Kolkata and when we asked them about the present scenario, they mentioned “It is a phase of crisis, not just in India, but the entire world is facing. This lockdown seems the only solution. We are trying our best to support our team during this time of crisis. We are ensuring the proper sanitization of our workshop to ensure the health of our staffs and all our outlets are closed to maintain social distance. Our workshops are closed too. We have also made sure that we make ample masks for our entire team to help them and their family stay healthy. Economy will suffer, but that is not our chief concern at the moment. We urge you all to stay safe, stay indoors to help the nation win this fight”

India’s affinity towards gold is not new, neither is it restricted to the wedding season. However April sees a sudden surge in the sale of gold jewellery, all thanks to the wedding season. Not just the bride or the groom, but often we see the entire family investing in gold or diamond jewellery as buying gold or gifting gold is also considered to be auspicious. April also brings in Poila Baisakh and Akshaye Tritiya where people buy gold to bring home prosperity. But with the lockdown of the entire country, how are the city jewelers coping with the situation?

Many have come out to help the nation, while most of them are trying their best to support their team. Even the markets are suffering drastically and sales seem a difficult thing given the crisis, one thing that can be seen is people standing up for one another and restoration of our faith in humanity. People are giving their best to fight the situation which is one silver lining in the whole crisis.

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