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David & Goliath Films presents Umeed, a song of Hope and Determination

David & Goliath Films launched their music video, Umeed, a song of Hope and Determination. David & Goliath Films strives to show the city of Kolkata like never seen before, juxtaposing the beauty of the City of Joy from the pre-lockdown era to the current times. A song that will give you the hope and the power to stay strong and remain determined in these troubled times.

Umeed, a song of Hope and Determination Features brand ambassador Richa Sharma, the 4.57 -minule music video is a song about hope and determination. The Music is composed by Mayookh Bhaumik, Lyrics are penned by Mrityunjay Singh and Porshia Sen has lent her vocals. Joydeep Sen has Directed and Scripted the video, which is a montage of shots, mostly aerial, of Calcutta, that depicts the new reality that we are living in at the moment. Life is no longer as it was and so adapting and pivoting is the order of the day. With our normal lives disrupted, this video will help you imagine yourself not as vulnerable or scared but as indispensable. The song gives you the hope and power to slay strong and remain determined in these troubled times.

“As we confront this global health crisis, we are strengthened by years of experience that have shown us that even when problems seem insurmountable, change is always possible; said Mrs. Richa Sharma, Brand Ambassador of David & Goliath Films.”

Mr. Lal Bhatia and Mr. Imran Zaki, Producers David & Goliath, said: “While Covid-19 is temporarily shifting the way we live to ensure the health of our fellow beings, it does not change our mission to adapt and strive to be happy despite the changes. We would like to thank all those who assisted in the creation of the music video. No matter how frustrating, confusing or scary this crisis gets, fear doesn’t have the final say.”

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