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Dosti Ka Celebration with Bon Appetit’s ‘’Tiffin Time Menu: Bombay Toaster Sandwiches’’

Remember the last bench notorious activities with your favourite friend, bunking classes with stupid excuses and sharing tiffin boxes since the first period? Whenever we start talking about our friends, we feel, we are always in short of words to describe their importance in our lives. We do not need a particular date to celebrate “Friendship Day”, since they are a part and parcel of our lives, still just like any other special day, we do have a day allotted to celebrate friendship too, which takes place on the first Sunday of August.

Well, friendship day is all about those little bunch of happiness that we carry withourselves no matter how old we grow. They say “Friends are the family you choose!” and we are nothing without friends. What better can it get when you get to spend the whole of August as a tribute to the bond you share with your favourite friends over a Nostalgic Tiffin Time Menu? Bon Appetit-The Cafe, the goto place for most of the city teens and adults to hangout with their friends, this year, is giving you a chance to relive the old days, with their they are coming up with “Tiffin Time Menu: Bombay Toaster Sandwiches” from 1st August to celebrate the bond of friendship throughout the month.

Bon Appetit-The Cafe, came into existence eleven years ago with only one motto in mind, to create a perfect hangout zone that can serve comforting hearty meals that are affordable for everyone. Chef Rahul Arora, the owner of Bon Appetit and Paranthe Wali Galli quoted “Friendship Day is all about friends, memories, and
nostalgia. We picked up the humble Bombay toaster sandwich that many of us had as our tiffin and created eight different versions of it to bring in the spirit of the school tiffin time. Every child had a favourite toaster filling. Thus, eight different fillings to melt every heart!”

There are eight innovative sandwiches in the Tiffin Time Menu, which are Vegetable Chutney Cheese, Cheese Onion Capsicum, Cheese Maggi, Aloo Masala Cheese, Baked Beans Cheese, Chicken Cheese, Egg Cheese and lastly Banana
Nutella. The prices of the sandwiches range from Rs. 90/- to Rs. 150/-.

And not only that, the most loved item of Bon Appetit since its inception is the Chocolate Avalanche. This month, friends can share the “Dosti Wala Avalanche” (Priced at Rs.400/- +taxes), which can serve 4 friends together. So just dig into the gooey chocolaty dessert with your friends, and intensify the bond because “loveonly grows by sharing”.

So, stop thinking twice, Take your best friends to Bon Appetit for celebrating your special bond with your friends throughout the month and to relive your childhood memories with their “Tiffin Time Menu”. This Menu starts from 1st August 2019 and will continue till 31st August 2019.


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