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Chocolate is the ultimate sinful pleasure, a sure fire stand-by in times of stress, a reliable source of consolation when life has let us down and the best mood enhancer. No matter what time of the year, or approaching holiday, there’s one ingredient that is a must in any dessert – Chocolate. Whether it is sandwiched between paper thin cake layers, baked into a buttery pie crust or churned into ice cream, chocolate makes everything delicious. Even if it’s not your favourite sweet treat, you can probably agree that the confection conjures thoughts of love, pleasure and reward.

So to honor this best of all world’s ingredient, we present you with some amazing locations where you can treat your taste buds with their mouth-watering and unique chocolate desserts which are not to be found anywhere else.
Serafina: New York’s favourite Italian eatery, Serafina with alfresco seating arrangements which is as vibrant as cozy is all set to blow your mind with their not-so-common and extremely delicious chocolate desserts. The menu has to offer Chocolate Mousse, Torta Di Cioccolato, Chocolate Hazelnut Crème Brulee, and Rich Chocolate Temptation. But the one that is a must, must try would be their all time favourite Focaccia Alla Nutella.

Focaccia Alla Nutella, that resembles a Pizza with Nutella, is a freshly baked Focaccia bread stuffed with Nutella spread, garnished with powdered sugar and served hot.
Priced: Rs.575/-, this is a pure indulgence.
Where: Serafina
Address: 5th floor, Quest Mall
Timings: 12 Noon to 11:30 PM

Traffic Gastropub:

Located in City Centre 2, just minutes away from Chinar Park is a place which is known for loud music, high quality food and not to forget its classy and quirky décor. The Gastropub has already become a place in which we are in love with. The menu also offers assortment of dishes to choose from, with some exclusive chocolate desserts such as Chocolate Mousse, Oreo Gasm and Back to School.
I am sure the one that has caught your attention has to be “Back to School”. Priced at only Rs. 250/-, it is a tower made from Britannia Marie Gold, Caramel and ofcourse, a whole lot of Chocolate. Interesting, right? Just like their mind blowing combinations, the taste of these desserts will also blow your mind and will surely leave you speechless.

Where: Traffic Gastropub
Address: City Centre 2, Chinar Park
Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Price Range: Rs. 225/- to Rs. 299/-

Bon Appetit:

Located in convenient stretch of both in Hazra and Salt Lake, Bon Appetit, a cosy little café which came into existence ten years ago with only one motto in mind, to create a perfect hangout zone that can serve comforting hearty meals that are affordable for everyone. It has become an all-time favourite bistro among populace of all age groups. The menu comprises of food which is pocket friendly and at the same time highly delicious in taste. The menu also includes some mouth-watering chocolate desserts such as Double Chocolate Muffin, Chocolate Rum Pudding, Chocolate Explosion (with Ice Cream), Dark Chocolate Slice, Sinful Chocolate Mousse, Rum and ChocolateJar. In Sundaes, they have Chocolate Fudge Sauce. They also have Nutella & Cinnamon Cream Pancakes and Chocolate Cookie Crunch Pancakes and Nutella Brownies.
But among all of these desserts, that one star of the show that has been the most favoured one by the patrons of Kolkata is their Chocolate Avalanche (available with both Normal and Eggless variants, priced at Rs. 115/- and Rs. 155/- respectively). The hot, dark chocolate slice, (replaced with a fudgy Chocolate Brownie, if you choose the eggless variant) served Vanilla Ice cream, Chocolate Sauce, Choco-chips and Choco Sticks will immediately make
you fall in love with it. The look of this dessert is as mesmerizing as its taste.

Where: Bon Appetit
Address: 109/26, Hazra Road, Hazra Kolkata – 700026, AD-34, Sector-1, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700064
Timings: 9 AM to 8:30 PM
Price Range: Rs. 65/- to Rs. 155/-

Paranthe Wali Galli:

The 42 seater Parantha Joint, situated in the by-lanes of Sarat Bose Road, has won our hearts with their impressive menu, featuring a range of dishes which embraces the never heard before combinations. You’ll like Paranthe Wali Galli the minute you step inside, as the interiors are done up neatly with bright lighting, colourful craftiness
on the walls giving you the vibes straight outta Delhi’s Chadni Chowk. Along with their lipsmacking savoury Parathas, the menu also comprises of some dessert parathas, like the Chocolate Paratha and Orange Chocolate Paratha. Ditch the savoury parathas and indulge yourself with the Chocolate Paratha, priced at Rs.109/- on this International Chocolate Day. Stuffed with Fudgy brownies, topped with chocolate ganache and dark and white chocolate chips, this sinful dessert paratha has all the right amounts to be everyone’s guilty pleasure.

Where: Paranthe Wali Galli
Address: Paranthe Wali Galli, 104, SartajBasar Road, Lake Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata –700029
Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM
Price Range: Rs. 109/-

Little Pleasures Patisserie:

Little Pleasures Patisserie, a patisserie in the French style that combines global palates and trends with the hospitality of the City of Joy, was launched in 2007. The dessert boutique is specialized in customizable cakes for every special occasion. All you need is a doodle, and Shripriya, the owner, will create culinary magnificence from it. This includes modifying the ingredients to suit special dietary needs. The menu comprises of some heavenly chocolate desserts (because desserts and chocolate come to our minds together) such as Chocolate Orange Tea Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut Tea Cake, Signature Chocolate Belgian Cake, Chocolate Belgian Cake with Profiterole, Chocolate Belgian Macaron Cake, Chocolate Nougat Cake (available in both Veg and Non Veg), Irish Cream and Coffee Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Belgian Raspberry Cake (available in both Veg and Non-Veg) and Chocolate Belgian Hazelnut Cake,Chocolate Eclairs, Caramel Chocolate Choux, Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Raspberry Mousse,
Chocolate Tart, Chocolate and Orange Mousse, Chocolate Concorde, Molten Brownie Pie, and plated desserts like Chocolate Choux Tower, The Modern Opera.

Among all of these, there is one more plated dessert, their most unique, exclusive and a must try chocolate dessert, Smoked Chocolate Fondant, priced at Rs. 450/-. This plated dessert has a soft chocolate cake exterior and a mouth-watering melted center served with Vanilla Ice Cream. This is a dessert which will make you go completely head over heels and would surely give you an unforgettable experience.

Where: Little Pleasures Patisserie
Address: 1st Floor, 8/1, Loudon Street, Loudon Street Area, Kolkata 60 B, Sarat Bose Road, Paddapukur, Kolkata
**Plated desserts are available only at the Cafe (Sarat Bose Road outlet)**
Timings: 10 AM to 9 PM (for the Loudon Street outlet)
12 Noon to 12 Midnight (for the Paddapukur outlet)
Price Range: Rs. 106/- to Rs. 1593/-

This newly launched rooftop restaurant and premium lounge offers the most
distinctive drinking and dining experience. The Culinary Experience at SKAI is an eclectic mix
of new age dishes & old school favourites. Inspired by cuisines from across the globe, the
menu has options that cater to diverse palates and appetites. With a key emphasis on
unique flavour pairings, modern cooking techniques and fun presentation styles, dining at
SKAI is a memorable experience. Chocolate being such a favourite ingredient, they have
curated their dessert “STARS” with much love & perfection, making it sure that it looks and
tastes absolutely the best.
All the three chocolate based desserts are different, yet equally good, and was very difficult
for us to highlight any one. You can choose it as per your preference of chocolate – Dark,
Milk or White. Gianduja Mousse, which resembles a chocolate bar has a creamy mousse
inside with a milk chocolate coating outside, served with a Hazelnut Micro Sponge,
Caramelized Mascarpone and Orange Coulis. The Profiterole Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae, the
one from the dark chocolate category is served with Fennel Hot Fudge and Cashew Nougat.
Last but not the least, comes the Yuzu Cheese Cake, which is served in a bowl made of white
chocolate, along with Lavender Lemon Curd and meringue Shards.
We couldn’t choose our favourite dessert from these three. Could you pick?

Where: SKAI
Address: SKAI, 6th floor, Quest Mall
Timings: Monday to Friday – 5 PM to 12 Midnight Saturday and Sunday – 1 PM to 12 Midnight
Price Range: Rs. 350/- to Rs. 400/-

So get ready to indulge in some sinful desserts. Head to these locations for Kolkata’s top
most delectable chocolate desserts and treat your taste-buds with the most unique taste
without counting the calories. #HappyEating!



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