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Flood In Bihar And Assam Leaves huge Damage In Its Wake

Anusree Jana, Kolkata : Flood seems to be the natural calamity that has been hitting India hard. Last year it was Kerala and approximately 300 people died and the estimated loss was around 2000 crore .this year flood seems to take a brutal hit and a lot more area, people are being affected. Two of India states Assam and Bihar are severely wrecked by the flood.
The list of damage is long and frighteningly disturbing. A lot of people are affected and the approximate estimation is around 1.11 crore people are reeling from the severe consequences. The collective death toll from the two states is nearly 170, 64 are from Assam and 102 from Bihar.

Flood In Bihar And Assam Leaves huge Damage In Its Wake

In Bihar, 12 districts are hit by flood and almost 76.85 lakh people are affected whereas in Assam the numbers are around 38.37 lakh.
Bihar’s Sitamarhi is most effected by flash-flood and the number of death is 27 but all the fresh death were reported from Madhubani as the Disaster Management Department said. The fresh death in Assam was reported from Morigaon. There are two fresh casualties are from Muzaffarpur and with that, the death toll is 104.
Not only human and property but animals are affected too as it is the report that 171 animals have died including16 rhinos in Kaziranga National Park. But Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, a rhino habitat has not seen the death even one animal if in the flood.
The flood is receding in 12 districts of Bihar and 5 North-Eastern districts flood is also receding.
Flood In Bihar And Assam Leaves huge Damage In Its Wake


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