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Greenfield City Takes Green Initiative

The current fabric of the world is riddled with many wholes caused by several worrying problems. The list is quite long like the growth of imbalance in our environment caused by pollution and also there is the unacceptable issue of hunger among millions of people throughout the world.
The crisis of the situation only will be repaired if each of us does our bit so the collective result can somewhat compensate for the damage we do regularly to our environment.
In a bid to do their part for the environment and as a measure dedicated to doing something for their not-so-privileged fellow human being Greenfield City housing complex took an initiative to highlight several issues on July 28.
Greenfield City Takes Green Initiative

They arranged a program comprising of sapling plantation”gach lagao, pran bachao” and a drawing competition for kids where the topic was a “save the environment”, both highlight growing environmental issues.
There was also a friendly cooking competition for the adults in the evening which was conducted to spread awareness about food wastage. Culinary artist Panchali Dutta was the host for this program and participants were judged for food both in the veg and non-veg category. The names of winners in Veg category are Sudipta Saha Gure, Kalpana Surana, Liza Chandra and non-veg Category winners are Songeeta Chakrabarti, Pranab Sarkar, Debarati Das Gupta.
The judges for the live competition were Actress Sonali Choudhury, celebrity chef Rongon Neogi, culinary artist Panchali Dutta, RJ Pamela and RJ Nilanjan, food blogger Suryatapa Bhattacharya.
The whole program was a lively and friendly affair to highlight serious issues. The judges handed mementos, medals, prizes to the winners for drawing competition and cooking competition.
Greenfield City did not stop their humanitarian work there they also made some cash Sohochori Ladies Club and Jagori both of which help orphan and specially-abled children


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