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Hakkaland becomes a celebrity hotspot in this World Cup season

 Hakkaland, the renowned Indo-Chinese restaurant located at Harrow, North West part of London, has won the hearts & admiration of one of the most exciting and diverse restaurant capitals in the world. During this World Cup season Hakkaland, due to its lip smacking Indo-Chinese cuisine, has presented itself as a destination for the celebrity sightings.

Cricket’s biggest carnival, World Cup is here and the cricket fervor is intensing over every match played by the cricket stars. Celebrating the spirit of cricket, Hakkaland has become the go-to place for celebrities visiting London. Celebrity Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar recently visited Hakkaland, his favorite restaurant where he was welcomed back with great hospitality. His favorite dishes at Hakkaland are Steamed tilapia, American chopsuey and Chow chiu cauliflower.Another celebrity Singer Runa Laila along with her Husband actor Alamgir was also spotted at Hakkaland. The singer’s favorite dishes at the restaurant are Crispy okra, Kolkata chilli chicken and Hakkaland Kalamari.

Speaking on the occasion, Sunil Gavaskar said “Discovering incredible restaurants has become a passion of mine. There’s nothing better than enjoying a fabulous meal cooked by a talented chef at a nice restaurant. Hakkaland’s food is delicious, the service is always excellent and the atmosphere unparalleled. I always visit Hakkaland whenever I am in London.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Steven Lee, Head Chef and Owner, further added, “I am grateful for the love and support we get for the restaurant. The whole idea of Hakkaland was to bring out the Indo-Chinese flavours in London and we also aim to create a culture of togetherness and put cricket lovers at the heart of the celebration.  We hope to continue serving and keeping our patrons happy and always make them feel right at home.”

About HakkalandAdapting Chinese cooking techniques to Indian flavours and tastes, Hakkaland draws on the vibrant culinary culture of India and China and use the classic Chinese wok to produce fantastic dishes that would leave one craving for more. Head chef and owner Mr. Steven Lee who has his roots from Calcutta (where Indo – Chinese cuisine was born) not only has inherited this cuisine but has also learned the trade by working at the famous “China Garden Restaurant” in Mumbai where he mastered this particular art. He has brought this amazing fusion cuisine to the limelight with restaurants like Dalchini, Spice n Ice, Bombay Wok & now Hakkaland.

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