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লাদাখ সীমান্তে ভারতীয় সেনাবাহিনীর টি-৯০ ট্যাঙ্ক ও বিএমপি সাঁজোয়া মোতায়েন What's New Life 🦠কোভিড পজিটিভ অগ্নিমিত্রা পাল, জানালেন ট্যুইট করে What's New Life দেশের দৈনিক কোভিড🦠 আপডেট ২৭ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২০ What's New Life ১ অক্টোবর থেকে রাজ্যে শর্তসাপেক্ষ খুলছে বিনোদন দুনিয়া What's New Life প্রয়াত প্রাক্তন কেন্দ্রীয় মন্ত্রী যশোবন্ত সিং What's New Life দ্বিতীয় ম্যাচে সানরাইজার্স হায়দরাবাদকে হারিয়ে প্রথম জয় কলকাতার What's New Life সাপ্তাহিক লগ্নফল – ২৭ সেপ্টেম্বর থেকে ৩ অক্টোবর What's New Life ৬ দিনের রিমান্ডে ধর্মা প্রোডাকশনসের অন্যতম প্রযোজক ক্ষিতিজ প্রসাদ What's New Life মাদক গ্রহণের কথা অস্বীকার সারা-শ্রদ্ধার What's New Life মাদক-সংশ্লিষ্ট হোয়াটসঅ্যাপ চ্যাটিংয়ের কথা স্বীকার দীপিকার What's New Life

Health Care Tips Post Lockdown by Yash & Mayanka

We all are in the situation of Health emergency where taking care of our health
has become the primary focus of our life. With the lifting of this historic
lockdown when we all are accepting the #Newnormal by wearing masks and
gloves and sanitizing our hands after every 20 minutes, we also need to make
some changes in our daily food habits and also accept to do some dsily
exercises recommended by the expert to keep us healthy, fit and strong to
fight out this pandemic situation. In order to maintain this healthy lifestyle we
are in conversation with Yash Agarwal, the founder of Yash Fitness, an
internationally certified personal fitness coach, sports nutritionist and also a
Reps certified from Mumbai-based K11 Academy of Fitness and Science and
Dietician & owner of Health Junction, Dt. Mayanka Singhal who gave us some
quick tips on immunity booster diet and exercises.

Fitness Tips by Yash Agarwal
Yash who is not only a fitness coach but also nutritionist and lifestyle
consultant has given us a few tips to keep us healthy. Among them the first
and foremost is we need to Quit Smoking, Exercise regularly, Maintain a
healthy weight, Avoid consuming alcohol on a daily basis, Get adequate sleep
and Try not to take stress. To avoid infection we need to grow some healthy
habits of washing our hands frequently and meats should be cooked properly
before consuming.

Anti Oxidant diet is highly recommended by him like different berries, Dark
chocolate, Coffee, Kidney beans, Green tea, Apples, Vegetables such as
tomatoes and greens, Oily fish. He also mentioned to have garlic on a daily

Exercises to be followed along with the diet:
1. Strength training: Resistance training is a fantastic way to keep us fit in this
tough time. It will be sufficient if we just do it a few times per week. We can do
this at home or at the gym and even body-weighed exercises will also work
2. Yoga: Daily yoga helps us in reduces stress, through deep breathing and
movement of the lymphatic system. So 30mins yoga is highly advisable to fight in this situation.
3. Walking: Walking for as little as just 30 minutes per day is a great way to
support your immunity. If this is done outdoors, it offers the added bonus of a
mental boost with a calming effect due to oxygen.

Health Tips by Health Junction
Although maintaining a healthy diet is tough but it is strictly what we need to
follow in this situation. Dt Mayanka Singhal included all the easily available
seasonal foods in the list so it becomes easy for us to maintain this lifestyle.
We need to take summer coolers like the melons, coconut water. Palm fruit
should be a part of daily fruit intake. Seasonal fruits like mangoes both raw n
ripe are highly recommended to beat the heat. She also added that “This is the
season of pickling so make use of raw mango to make pickels. The peel of
mango has anti-aging properties as well”. Jackfruit both raw n ripe can be also
be taken as it has various micro nutrients properties in it. Bel sherbet helps to
keep digestion system good and it also boost our immunity power. She has
also recommended having Chaas n Aam panna or Bel sherbet as drinks instead of colas or road side fruit juices from thellas. Avoid packet food during these times as they are very harmful for our health and of course our immunity
system as well. Always opt something light for your dinner; curd rice is a good
example of it. For breakfast we can take dahi chiwada which will be filling
healthy and will not take any time before we leave for our daily work. Lastly
and most importantly we need to carry a homemade light lunch every day to
our office and should not have unhealthy junk foods from outside.

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