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The beginning of the glamorous journey of Rubaru Mr. and Miss India 2019 What's New Life রাজস্থানে পরিযায়ী পাখির মৃত্যুর সংখ্যা এক সপ্তাহে ছাড়ালো ১০,০০০ What's New Life ফেসবুক, ট্যুইটারকে টেক্কা দিতে আসছে উইকি ট্রিবিউন সোশ্যাল What's New Life পাল্লানওয়ালা সেক্টরে সেনা বহনকারী​ ট্রাকে বিস্ফোরণ What's New Life হংকং পলিটেকনিক বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়কে ঘিরে সারারাত জুড়ে সংঘর্ষ What's New Life শিগগিরই পেঁয়াজের দাম সহনীয় পর্যায়ে চলে আসবে :​ কৃষিমন্ত্রী ড. আব্দুর রাজ্জাক What's New Life কেসারি পনির পোলাও What's New Life রুনা লায়লা ফিচারিং লিজেন্ডস ফরএভার What's New Life A Walk for a Healthy Living What's New Life কোনো পার্থক্য নেই বাগদাদী আর ওয়াইসির মধ্যে : ওয়াসিম রিজভী What's New Life

Jaipur Jewels are conducting an exhibition in the City of Joy

Kolkata, 10th & 11th August 2019: For the first time Jaipur Jewels, a renowned jewellery brand in India with over 150 years of heritage is exhibiting their bespoke jewellery in the city of Kolkata. Come view some iconic jewellery in jadau, diamond and gold trending this season. The Jaipur Jewels exhibition is scheduled on 10th & 11th August at the Mandarin, Taj Bengal, Kolkata.

The exhibition showcases jewellery that is a complete blend of ethnic and contemporary designs. The collection displays the high-quality craftsmanship and includes an array of exquisite necklaces, earrings, bangles and rings. These designs are classic and includes an amalgamation of polkis, diamonds, rubies and emeralds which reflect sheer opulence.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Vineet Naheta said “Jaipur Jewels has a legacy of creating jewellery that is truly timeless and designed for the modern bride of today. Kolkata is a vibrant city and we are elevated to extend our presence in the city. “

About Jaipur Jewels

With a legacy of over hundred and fifty years, Jaipur Jewels offers an unmatched collection of classic and contemporary designs, suitable for weddings, costume and festivities, including solitaires, women would love to flaunt.

Jaipur Jewels are pioneers in Jadau Jewellery and scene stealing vintage creations exuding old world charm of Rajasthan alongside a refined & modern ready-to-wear selection. Each piece of jewellery is a concept born from the creator’s mind and lovingly crafted into a piece of legacy and art that is truly one-of-a-kind. Today the brand is renowned for giving paramount importance to superlative quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brand has its presence with 2 boutiques, one at Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai & other at Sundar Nagar, Delhi. Jaipur Jewels corporate office & design studio are based in Mumbai.

Available at:
Mumbai Store :
Jaipur Jewels
G-1, Swapnalok,
47, Nepean Sea Road,
Mumbai – 400036
Contact: 022 – 6139 9999

Jaipur Jewels are conducting an exhibition in the City of Joy

Delhi Store:
Jaipur Jewels
18, Sunder Nagar Market,
New Delhi.
Contact: 011 – 2435 6999

Jaipur Jewels are conducting an exhibition in the City of Joy

Varanasi Store:
Jaipur Jewels
D53/92-93-1, Opp. Guru Dwara, Gurubagh,
Varanasi – 221010
Contact: 0542 239 2845

Jaipur Jewels are conducting an exhibition in the City of Joy

Social Media:
Instagram : @jaipur_jewels
Facebook : Jaipur jewels
Pinterest : Jaipur Jewels
Twitter : @jaipur_jewels


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