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‘Maatir Taane’- An Art Exhibition by Painter Sandeep Manna showcased the Pure and Authentic Stories of Rural Bengal

Kolkata, 11th June, 2019: ‘Maatir Taane’- Glipmses of Rural Bengal, an Art exhibition by painter Sandeep Manna showcased the pure and authentic stories of Rural Bengal. Art exhibition ‘Maatir Taane’, water color paintings by Painter Sandeep Manna will be showcased from 11th -15th June, 2019.

The art exhibition is inaugurated by eminent Actor Barun Chanda followed by Lamp lighting ceremony by Actor Barun Chanda and Mr Sandeep Manna. The exhibition also witnessed presence of many eminent personalities like Piyali Sen Gupta, IAS; Debanjan Deb, IAS; Sudheer P, IPS; Sarad Exponent Arnab Bhattacharya.

The inauguration of the art exhibition was followed by unveiling of an outstanding painting on Rural Bengal by Painter Sandeep Manna which was unveiled by actor Barun Chanda and Painter Sandeep Manna.

The aim of ‘Maatir Taane’- Glipmses of Rural Bengal is to present the pure and authentic stories of rural Bengal. West Bengal has a rich cultural heritage and is a land of diversities. The diversity in social life is reflected in multi-social, multi-lingual, multi- religious and multi-caste nature of the society. Different regions of Bengal has different populations and the pattern of their lifestyle is also different. The villages of Bengal have its own peculiar characteristics. The rural society of Bengal has undergone considerable change in the recent past, as it has undergone many incidents like land agitations, political volatilities etc. but Bengal’s cultural identities are still unbroken. Still the Bauls of Birbhum sings, still the artisans of rural Bengal crafts. By various welfare schemes of the state Government, rural part of Bengal has achieved major development in last 7-8 years. Through this Art Exhibition named ‘Maatir Taane’, Rajya Charukala Parshad and Information and Cultural Affairs Department, Govt. of West Bengal took the initiative to support artists from Rural Bengal.

An official from Rajya Charukala Parshad said, “Main reason behind the theme is to take the raw essence of rural Bengal to the mega-urban population of Kolkata. The artist himself belongs from a sub urban place. Throughout his career he had reached many interior areas of the state for outdoor sessions. During his journeys he has encountered many experience, those are the main moving force behind conducting an exhibition on this theme.”

On this occasion Painter Sandeep Manna said, “I’m highly obliged to Rajya Charukala Parshad and Information and Cultural Affairs Department, Govt. of West Bengal for giving me this opportunity and this platform to showcase my paintings. In this occasion, I tried to present the raw emotions, festivals, effect of politics, poverty, simple living through my watercolour paintings. I believe people will love the essence of this art exhibition and appreciate the paintings showcased. The main objective of the exhibition is to tranquillize the urban minds of Kolkata by the watercolour paintings which will introduce rural Bengal which may be never seen before.”

30 extraordinary watercolor paintings by Painter Sandeep Manna has been showcased in the art exhibition like ‘The Mother’ (an old lady who is holding her son’s dead body on her lap who was killed in a political massacre), ‘The Home Coming’, ‘The Wounded Goddess’, ‘Maatir Taane’ (featuring the bauls of Bengal), ‘The Artist’.

Painter Sandeep Manna is coming up with another art exhibition named ‘Katha O Kahini’ based on the unknown stories of Hindu mythology, medium of work will be oil painting which will be taking place in next December.


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