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Nusrat Jahan launches The Pink Lane at City Centre 1 Mall, Kolkata

Kolkata, 2nd September, 2019: THE PINK LANE, a first of its kind brand completely focused on 925
Sterling Silver Jewelry announced the grand opening of it 1st Flagship store in City Centre 1 mall in Salt Lake City. The brand specializes in customizable CHARM bracelets with a selection of other fine silver jewelry collections. The store was inaugurated by Nusrat Jahan, Tollywood Actress & Member of Parliament at City Centre 1 Mall, Kolkata.

Nusrat Jahan launches The Pink Lane at City Centre 1 Mall, Kolkata

The collection ranges across category in fine silver jewelry including Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Charm Bracelets, Chains, Anklets, Kids collection, Butterfly collections and much more. The Pink Lane store will exclusively showcase a product line of sterling silver charm bracelets ranging from Rs.1500 – Rs.7500. Nusrat Jahan, Tollywood Actress & Member of Parliament on this occasion commented, “The opening of this new showroom is also timed well to serve the customers during the festive seasons such as Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali and the marriage season, which are auspicious occasions to buy Silver items and also gift them.”

Speaking to the Media, Upasana Sachdev, Managing Director of The Pink Lane said, “We are glad to have our store inaugurated by Nusrat Jahan. For the grand opening we have focused on charm bracelets which has been kept to create awareness of the fine silver jewelry charms and other products amongst the millennials of the city”.

About The Pink Lane:

A brand owned by The Bond Forever group, which is primarily into diamond jewelry has introduced The Pink Lane an all 925 Sterling Silver brand keeping in mind the recent trends and fast changes in consumer preferences in the fashion jewelry industry. The husband and wife duo, Shanky Sachdev and Upasana Sachdev the brains behind the new brand came up with the idea of The Pink Lane to spread awareness of the modern silver artistry that is being followed in this era. The group has also been awarded The Rising Star Jeweller award in the year 2016 by Sonar Sansar. The brand offers the widest range of products in the Fine sterling silver jewelry category.

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