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“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy sushi, which is kinda the same thing.” Sushi was first created with a purpose to keep meat fresh in the absence of refrigeration. By keeping raw fish folded in rice, its freshness could be preserved for over months. It is hard to believe that the preservation of seafood was the main aim of this delectable dish. Gradually, the preservation method was discovered in China and Japan, where Japan went a step further. These rice rolls are not only healthy; they are mouth-watering and addictive too. In Kolkata, with the increasing numbers of Oriental restaurants, people are now trying to explore and taste more different cuisines. Japanese food is definitely that one cuisine, which is now winning the hearts of Kolkatans.

June 18th is International Sushi day, and was celebrated for the first time in 2009, with a very simple motto- to encourage all around the World to eat and love more sushi. There are so many remarkable restaurants in Kolkata where you can have the authentic Japanese food and especially the outstanding Sushi’s. So, if you are head over heels for Sushi, you can celebrate the International Sushi day in these restaurants of Kolkata.

AAJISAI: It is the first Japanese restaurant in the city, which has a fully automated Sushi Conveyor Belt along with a live Teppanyaki section divided into veg and non veg. This live counter has large steel plates with special equipment to make sure the steam doesn’t disturb the guests, where the food is being cooked. Serving Authentic Japanese cuisine with fully automated services and winning the hearts of the Patrons were a challenge, and Aajisai passed it with flying colors. Keeping the authenticity of Japanese cuisine in mind, Aajisai offers a variety range of Sushi’s like Maki/Roll where fish or vegetables and sushi rice layered atop one another, then rolled up in nori (roasted seaweed sheets), Temaki Sushi, also known as Hand-rolled Sushi and Nigiri/Gunkan. Nigiri sushi is sushi in which raw fish slices or shellfish are layered atop small vinegared rice balls, which are rolled by hand. Gunkan sushi is made by wrapping shari with dried seaweed around its perimeter are placing seafood or vegetables on small vinegared rice. They have Sushi Moriawase, which has three types of rolls (Veg California/Spicy Mushroom/Spicy Cheese) with 7 kind nigiri (Avocado/Shitake/Cucumber/Asparagus/Pickled radish/Tomato/Cheese).

The most preferred Sushi’s of Aajisai are Cheese Thin Roll, Asparagus Thin Roll, Chicken Teriyaki Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Unagi Roll, Rainbow Roll and last but not the least the seasonal Crunchy Mango Roll which comprises mango roll with tofu and cucumber. They offer a variety of Temaki Sushis also, like, Magura Temaki (Sliced tuna and mayo temaki) and Shake Temaki (Salmon and Cucumber Temaki). The price range of the Sushi’s is from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 1000/-. Where: Aajisai, 5th Floor, Quest Mall, 33, Syed Ali Amir Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata Timings: 12 Noon to 10:30 PM

WASABEE: A five-year-old food destination of Kolkata creates a juggling of designer elements to create a harmonious finish. A feast for the eyes, the musical decor of Wasabee is complemented by Oriental (Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Singaporean, Indonesian, Malaysian and Burmese) cuisines. The 50 seater fine dining place, with a combination of all the cuisines, promises a melodious meal at the helm. The unique fusion of music and food successfully deciphers an incredible experience to savor. Wasabee has many kinds of Sushis like Nigiri Sushi (Squeeze Sushi) under which there are Avocado Nigiri, Tako Nigiri, Unagi Nigri and etc. Maki or Rolled Sushis like Ebi Tempura Maki, Buta No Tempura Maki, Tori Teriyaki Maki, and Buta No Katsu Maki. There are Mixed Maki, Futo Maki (Thick Sushi Roll) and Ura Maki (Inside out roll) also. Not only these but also Wasabee has Te Maki Sushi which is Hand Rolled Sushi and Gunkan Sushi which can also be called a Cup Sushi also. The prices of the Sushi’s are from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 1000/-.

Where: Wasabee, 174 A, Motilal Neheru Road, Near Priya Cinema, Desapriya Park, Kolkata Wasabee, 30, Arya Vidyalaya Road, Kalikapur, Kolkata

Timings: 12 Noon – 11 PM (Deshopriya Park)

11 AM – 11 PM (Kalikapur)
FUJI: Fuji brings a touch of freshness to the City of Joy, Kolkata. Serving traditional Japanese cuisine with authentic and imported ingredients, Fuji also offers Japanese fusion delicacies to add a more contemporary taste for the delight of guests.

‘Fuji’ has 2 meanings; Fuji is the name of a famous Japanese flower which is called Wisteria. It is considered auspicious and is traditionally used during celebrations such as wedding, birth of a child, and also during various festivals. Everyone must be aware of the second meaning and/or name, i.e Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji is a symbol of Japan and whenever, we see or hear about Japan, we come across Mt. Fuji and that is one of our objectives, which is to become a symbol of Japan and Japanese food.

Fuji is one of the very first “only” Japanese Restaurants. A number of traditional dishes can be found in Fuji’s extensive Menu – a range of palatable dishes covering appetiser, soup, sashimi, boiled dish, tempura dish, grilled dish, rice dish and dessert.

They have a variety of Sushis to offer from Nigiri and Maki Mono Sushi in both veg and Non veg variants. Patrons should look forward to Maguro Nigiri, Hotate Nigiri, Unagi Nigiri, Shake Maki, Goa Maki, Delhi Maki, Kolkata Maki, Mumbai Maki, and so on. They also have veg and Non-veg sushi and Nigiri Platters. The price of the sushis range between Rs. 199/- to Rs. 1100/- Where: 209A, 3rd Floor, Sarat Bose Road, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Timings: 12 Noon-10.30 Pm

THE JAPANESE RESTAURANT AND GARDEN: Located at the heart of a pristine, little Japan at Eco Park, Japanese Forest is one such place, where you must go on a date with your bae this Sushi Day. Apart from the yummilicious food, what attracts the visitors more is the ambience and the surroundings of the place. The restaurant is maintained by Fuji, which has an outlet in Sarat Bose Road.

Coming to the food, the food is authentic and an absolute delicacy. The Sushis available here are of 2 variations- Maki and Temaki, and have 4 different options in Veg and Non-Veg They have on the spread Spicy Mushroom Maki, Oshinko Maki, Prawn Tempura Maki, Crab Stick Maki, etc. The Sushis are priced between Rs. 150/- to Rs. 295/- Address: Eco Park, Major Arterial Road, Action Area 2, New Town, Kolkata

Timing: 12 Noon to 9 PM

SKAI: The name SKAI combines the two important aspects “Sky” & Kai (Food in Maori). It is a rooftop restaurant and premium lounge at the rooftop of Quest Mall, which offers the most distinctive drinking and dining experience. The Culinary Experience at SKAI is an eclectic mix of new age dishes & old school favorites. Inspired by cuisines from across the globe, the menu has options that cater to diverse palates and appetites. With a key emphasis on unique flavor pairings, modern cooking techniques and fun presentation styles, dining at SKAI is surely going to be a memorable experience. If you are a Japanese cuisine’s fan than SKAI is ready to flatter you with its modern take on your favorite Sushi. SKAI has Avocado, Spicy Mayo and Scallion Sushi, where it is served with Wasabi Air, Soy Pearls and Gari Fluid Gel. The price of this sushi is just Rs. 350/-.

Where: SKAI, Floor 6, Quest Mall, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Beck Bagan Row, Park Circus Area, Kolkata

Timings: 5 PM – 12 AM

To satisfy your craving for Sushi, do visit these places on 18th June, on the International Sushi Day.


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