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কেরলার কোঝিকড়ে এয়ার ইন্ডিয়ার এক্সপ্রেস বিমান দুর্ঘটনাগ্রস্থ What's New Life JIS group congratulates WBJEE successful candidates What's New Life কর্ণাটকে তৈরি হবে ২১৫ মিটার উঁচু হনুমান মূর্তি What's New Life 🇱🇧 বৈরুত-বিস্ফোরণের ঘটনায় মৃতের সংখ্যা বেড়ে ১৫৭, আহত ছাড়িয়েছে ৫,০০০ What's New Life আজ কবিগুরু রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের প্রয়াণ দিবস What's New Life রিয়া ও তাঁর পরিবারের বিরুদ্ধ এফআইআর রেজিস্টার করল সিবিআই What's New Life দেশ ও রাজ্যের কোভিড🦠 আপডেট ৬ই আগস্ট What's New Life আগামী ৩০ সেপ্টেম্বর পর্যন্ত বাস-মিনিবাসের কর মকুব What's New Life প্রকাশ্যে সুশান্তের কল রেকর্ড What's New Life করোনা আক্রান্ত হয়ে প্রয়াত বাম নেতা শ্যামল চক্রবর্তী What's New Life

Chirantan and Suvadeep weaves magic

The world now is going through a extreme tough situation as the Corona Pandemic has taken it’s worst shape possible. It is may be one of the biggest threats that has ever been faced by mankind. There is death, disruption, delusion, disharmony, deadlock and sense of dejection and depression all around. But as humans we must fight this situation together till the end and win over this pandemic.

The thought of winning over this deadly virus and getting back to normal life gave rise to this song “Prithibir Mon Bhalo Nei”. The song talks about this crisis that the mother Earth is facing now but assures us that ” This too shall pass” and we need to persevere,fight and be victorious no matter what.
The song is penned down by Elocutionist Suvadeep Chakraborty and the music is composed and directed by Chirantan Banerjee. The song is sung by some eminent artists like Rupankar Bagchi, Lopamudra Mitra, Jayati Chakraborty and very talented singers like Shovan, Madhuraa, Aritra, Sispiya, Tathagata and Chirantan himself. “Apart from making film music I love to compose for independent music which has a message to convey” said Chirantan. Suvadeep is also very excited about the project and says “I am certain that this song would be loved by people”. This duo of Suvadeep and Chirantan is there to stay and they are also planning to do a lot of projects in a collaborative way. Set to release tomorrow 15th of May 2020, the music arrangement of the song “Prithibir Mon Bhalo Nei” is done by Deborshee Mukherjee and the song is Mixed and Mastered by Debojit Sengupta. We are all hopeful to listen to a brilliant song very soon.

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