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Rubayyat has come up with a new song ‘Eseche Durga Maa’ this puja

On the auspicious occasion of Durga puja, UK Based singer Rubbayat Jahan has sung a new song titled ‘Eseche Durga Maa’, which was penned down by her. The music has been tuned and arranged by talented musician Raja Kaasheff.
The music video of the song is directed by Soumitra Ghose.  Along with Rubbayat Quazi Naushaba Ahmed, Amit Sinha, Moffazal Hossain, three of them have also been featured in this video.
Regarding the song, the singer said, “As a nation, we are very cultural and liberal. People from all religions celebrate their festivals together. I am a Muslim but I always respect other religions. This song is dedicated to my friend Munni Das, who lives in Kolkata. I hope the audience will like my song.” 
The song ‘Esheche Durga Maa’ has been released under the banner of Dhruba Music Station (DMS).
Rubayyat Jahan, a Bangladeshi-born British singer, started singing at the tender age of eight. 

She has performed at various Asian festivals in the UK and has been featured on British, Asian television channels and other media.

Since, 2008, she has performed regularly in London and other cities. In 2010, Jahan reached the final round of Brit Asia TV’s Asian Superstars. The multi-talented artist writes and sings songs in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and English.

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