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Significant Fall In LPG Gas Price

There has been a substantial cut-down in the LPG gas price. The price of LPG gas depends on LPG prices in the international market and US$-Rupee exchange rate.
The cut down in the international price of LPG gas comes followed by a US Dollar-Rupee exchange rate decrease. This is the second time fall in LPG gas price, the first cut-down was in July of Rs.100/-.
The second cut-down in the price is Rs.62.50/-. The revised LPG fuel price will be effective from August 1 for both non-subsidised and domestic LPG gas.

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) informed, “The price of Non-Subsidised LPG at Delhi will decrease by Rs.62.50/14.2 Kg cylinder w.e.f. 1st August 2019 based on LPG prices in the international market and US$-Rupee exchange rate. Accordingly, the upfront cash payment by the consumers of domestic LPG will also reduce by Rs.62.50/cylinder. Domestic LPG consumers will now be required to make upfront cash payment of Rs.574.50/- only per 14.2 Kg cylinder in August 2019 in place of Rs.637.00/- per cylinder for July, 2019.
It may be noted that the price of Non-Subsidised LPG was reduced by Rs.100.50/cylinder earlier in July 2019 also. Considering this, the price of the non-subsidised LPG cylinder has come down by Rs.163.00/cylinder cumulatively in two months.”

Significant Fall In LPG Gas Price

This makes the upfront cash payment for domestic LPG gas Rs.574.50/- per 14.2 Kg cylinder. The non-subsidised price for LPG fuel is ₹574.50 in Delhi, ₹601 in Kolkata, ₹546.50 in Mumbai and ₹590.50 in Chennai.


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