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T-Series introduces Shri Sandip Roy, a budding and promising talent from West Bengal, the hub of melodies for his single “Hosh Udade”

T-Series introduced a budding and promising talent from West Bengal named Shri Sandip Roy, a Govt. Official by unveiling a Single titled “Hosh Udade” on Monday evening at The Park, Kolkata. The launch witnessed the esteemed presence of Shri Jag Mohan, IPS, Director General, Fire and Emergency Services; Raj Chanana, Marketing Head, T-Series along with glamorous Tollywood Actress Nusrat Jahan.

“Hosh Udade” is the second venture of Shri Sandip Roy with T-Series which is composed and sung by him. The song is an out and out love melody and celebration of love in this Valentine month. The song was mixed and mastered by renowned sound engineer Mr. Eric Pillai and directed by Mr. Shubh Karman. The single is features by Jimmy Sharma and Ziya as protagonists.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Sandip Roy said, “’Hosh Udade’ is my second stint with T-Series. The first was ‘Kali Kali Aankhen’. I am really very happy to launch my single today with collaboration with T-Series. I extend my gratitude towards them. ‘Hosh Udade’ is all about love, I hope people will love it. The single will also be release nationwide. Now, I am working on another song called ‘Rafta Rafta’, programmed by popular artist Mr. Bharat Goel which will be launched soon in a single as well as in film version in upcoming movies of T-Series. I am really very excited because Dharma Production has also tied up and has shortlisted three of my melodious compositions for their upcoming movies”.


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