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The magnum-opus, Aajisai, the fine-dining Japanese dine den on the 5th Floor of Quest Mall is pleasing the gourmands of Kolkata with a hand full of experiences like never before over the past two years. In a first-of-its-kind in Kolkata, the fully automatic Sushi Conveyor belt for a-la- carte dishes has already blown away the city of joy with its unique and inviting aspect. It feels like a dream when your favorite plate of Katsu Curry or your bowl of Ramen accompanied by delectable Sushi or Sashimi comes directly from the kitchen on an automated carrier and all you need to do is just pick up your food!

This time, Aajisai, is giving a chance to their Kolkata clientele to delve into the world of Udon and explore a new flavour of Japanese cuisine through their “Udon Matsuri”. Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle, has already occupied a special place in the Japanese cuisine. In its simpler form, it is served as a noodle soup with a flavored broth and different toppings which varies depending upon the choice of the consumer but usual topping includes scallions, tempura, prawn, etc. This noodle is also prepared both as hot and cold dish. Sounds interesting right?

For the “Udon Matsuri”, Aajisai has curated a scrumptious menu taking both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, into consideration. Their veg menu includes dishes like YAKI UDON IN BLACK PEPPER SAUCE which is popular in Japan’s izakaya or pubs and is popularly consumed as a late- night snacks, TENSOBA which is cooked in Soy base broth and served with tempura, VEGETABLE CURRY UDON, a combination of old and new Japanese cooking, is Udon noodles soaked in Curry sauce and served with Vegetables and Japanese curry, SPAGHETTI PIRIKARA WITH VEGETABLE TEMPURA, a perfect spicy dish served with vegetable tempura.

Their non-veg menu consists of drool-worthy dishes like CHICKEN CURRY UDON, CHICKEN TEMPURA YAKI UDON a dish consisting of stir-fried noodles served with chicken tempura, EBI KATSU YAKI UDON, KAISEN TEN YAKI UDON, pan-fried udon served with seafood tempura best for the sea-food lovers and last but not the least INDIAN BEEF YAKI UDON to satiate the palate of beef lovers.

This delectable menu is available till February 14th, the price range of the items are from Rs. 560/- to Rs. 1050/-.So, drop in at Aajisai and enjoy the flavours of Japanese cuisine with “Udon Matsuri”.

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