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The First Parle G factory in Mumbai is shutting its doors after 87 years

The oldest Parle factory at Vile Parle closed its doors permanently, after functioning for 87 years. The smell of India’s first cookie/biscuit which made every child drool in the area of Vile Parle will no longer be the same.

This was the first factory established by Parle Products Pvt. Ltd in the year 1929. This was the company that gave us those sweet glucose biscuits full of energy. The company was named after this area in Mumbai i.e. Vile Parle.

A Mid-Day report says that the factory had to shut down due to low productivity over the past few years. The owners stopped the production a few weeks ago and finally, the factory closed its doors. Many Mumbai landmarks like the Rhythm House, Samovar, Mani’s Lunch Home and the Parle Factory were bitten to dust. These shops, restaurants, and factories just don’t seem to belong in the urban race any longer.

The First Parle G factory in Mumbai is shutting its doors after 87 years

But this certainly does not mean that we won’t get to experience our favorite tea-time biscuits anymore. Parle G won’t stop producing its other products like Frooti, Hide & Seek and Bourbon from its other factories in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Haryana, but they won’t be manufacturing Parle G anymore.

Parle G fans and Mumbaikars, who enjoyed the delicious and mouth-watering taste of the biscuit, have taken to sharing their dismay on social media since the Vile Parle factory’s closure became news. Parle G fans showed how much they were hurt by this decision through their tweets.

We can do nothing about the landmark but we believe that the best way to bid this 87-year-old landmark a worthy goodbye is to raise a glass of cutting chai and Parle G to its fond memory.

The First Parle G factory in Mumbai is shutting its doors after 87 years


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