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The first youth ambassador of UNICEF India, Hima Das

The first ever Youth ambassador of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) India was appointed to the Asian Games gold-medalist sprinter, Hima Das.

The news was announced on the official Twitter handle of UNICEF India.

UNICEF tweeted “Meet our Youth Ambassador, Hima Das! The Asian Games medallist is @UNICEF India’s first ever youth ambassador as part of #WorldChildrensDay celebration. #GoBlue,”

Hima Das said that she is honored to be chosen for the role and is further hoping to inspire more children to follow their dreams.

“Didn’t expect to be nominated for this year’s Arjuna Awards” said Hima Das

“I’m honoured to be chosen as @UNICEF India’s Youth Ambassador, and I hope I will be able to inspire more children to follow their dreams,” were the exact words of the sprinter.

The first youth ambassador of UNICEF India, Hima Das

Hima Das became the first Indian to win a gold medal at the IAAF World Junior championships.
She also clinched a gold medal in Women’s 4 x 400 m Relay event at the 2018 Asian Games.
She had also won a silver medal in Women’s 400m Race event.

UNICEF India works with central government and ensures that every child born in India gets the best start in life, thrives and develops to his or her full potential.

The first youth ambassador of UNICEF India, Hima Das

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