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The Most Versatile, Dynamic, Eloquent Anchor In Our Industry – Anneysha Thakker

So starting with the most basic question.
1. What made you choose anchoring as a career?

Ans: Anything to do with talking or delivering a speech in front of the audience excited me since my school days and that became one of the majors reasons of choosing anchoring as my profession

2. What profession were you in before anchoring?

Ans: I am a very creative person. So I was a drawing teacher before I took up anchoring as a profession

3. The Best Experience you had as an anchor?

Ans: For that matter hosting a show with any celebrity is a very special feeling but I think hosting it with Sir Amitabh Bachan was a different league altogether

4. What or who has been your inspiration to choose anchoring as a career?

Ans: My neighbour Paromita Ghosh who actually gave me the first show of my life.

5. Who has been the most supportive to you in this journey?

Ans: My mother. She has my back not only for my profession but every other thing I aspire in my life

6. The most Honorable Moment you had in this career?

Ans: First time my mother came to watch my show and was very proud to have me as her daughter.

7. Have you ever felt nervous while hosting any events?

Ans: I still feel nervous when I take the stage but as I get a hang of the event, the process becomes smooth

8. You have hosted events with many celebrities. Which was the most memorable one?

Ans: Ofcourse Shahrukh Khan as he is one of the two reasons I took up this profession.

9. Lastly, anything you would like to say to the anchors who are just starting their careers?

Ans: be who you are on the stage and you will own the stage.


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