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Students Sketch Mega Science Projects on Canvas What's New Life গোলাড সুশীলা হাইস্কুলের উদ্যোগে বিদ্যাসাগরের জন্ম দ্বি-শতবর্ষ স্মরণে সাইকেল যাত্রা What's New Life আসামে নাগরিকত্ব সংশোধনী বিলের প্রতিবাদে বিক্ষোভ What's New Life মাঠে ফিরতে আরও সময় লাগবে শিখর ধাওয়ানের What's New Life জেনেভায় হানিমুনে সৃজিত-মিথিলা What's New Life দ্বিতীয় দিনে পড়লো ময়মনসিংহের পরিবহন ধর্মঘট What's New Life কন্যা সন্তানের বাবা হলেন কপিল What's New Life হোটেল রুমে অবিবাহিত দম্পতিরা থাকা কোনও অপরাধ নয় : মাদ্রাজ হাইকোর্ট What's New Life নিউজিল্যান্ডে অগ্ন্যুৎপাতে এখনো পর্যন্ত ১৩ জন নিহত What's New Life শেখ হাসিনার ভূয়সী প্রশংসা করে সালমান খান What's New Life

The Ritual of the First Cake Mixing Ceremony sets the mood for Christmas at ibis Kolkata Rajarhat​

Cake mixing is one of the most awaited traditional that marks the onset of Christmas Season. It is believed that mixing of dry fruits ahead of time brings richness to the cake as well as it serves as a great opportunity for families and friends to come together. Keeping this in mind, ibis Kolkata Rajarhat recently celebrated its First Cake Mixing Ceremony in the esteemed presence of Mrs. Sanjukta Bose, Director,​ International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), Ms.​ Aakanksha​ Manglani, Mrs. India Worldwide East 2018, Mr. Mizan Uddin, Hotel Manager, Mr.​ Nikhil​ Malhotra, Head of Sales and Executive Chef Karunamay Chakraborty, ibis Kolkata Rajarhat along with other eminent dignitaries.

The Ritual of the First Cake Mixing Ceremony sets the mood for Christmas at ibis Kolkata Rajarhat​

Cake​ mixing​ has become a celebratory event across India in recent times. This is not the home-baked​ cakes​ and muffins and pastries one is talking about or the tarts and the chocolate​ cakes​ from​ cake​ shops.​ Cake-mixing​ is an event in itself and brings people together in fun and frolic to surrounding one of our favorite delicacies – The Christmas​ Cake. Christmas is no fun without the traditional Christmas​ cake. To mark the birth of Jesus Christ, people organize​ cake​ mixing​ ceremonies to spread the warmth of the festive season. People from different walks of life come together for this occasion to celebrate and enjoy.

Chef Karunamay Chakraborty, Executive Chef, ibis Kolkata Rajarhat said “The cake mixing is a Christmas tradition dating back to many years and is also a precursor to the occasion. It is a pre-requisite for settling the liquor in the mix of nuts, fruits and spices, covered with cinnamon. Christmas fun starts with this ceremony which is considered to be a harbinger of good fortune and joyous times.”


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