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The Rotaract Club and Global Kitchens celebrated Teachers’ Day with fifteen unprivileged kids from slums

The Rotaract Club and Global Kitchens celebrated Teachers’ Day with fifteen unprivileged kids from slums and streets who can only dream of entering and enjoying inside such premises but are hardly allowed. They just wanted to gift the little souls an opportunity to enjoy and live their dream. The Rotaract Club is a non-profitable organization and works on the various social norms of the society. They are working hard enough to bring some happiness and joy amongst the people who are ignored by our society. They have worked with cancer and thalassemia affected children of Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Institute. They also have done projects with some underprivileged children of our society. Very recently they have done a project named ‘The Dreamer ‘ on the 25th of March. Global Kitchens, being into Mall concession management offers varied options of Food and Hospitality. They have always catered their patrons with unique & flabbergasting initiatives. Thus, they shook hands with the Rotaract Club in this noble venture and offered some of their delicacies as add on to the happiness and enjoyment of the kids being the food and hospitality partner for the event.
The Event was held on 5 th of September 2018 at HaagenDazs, Quest Mall, and was graced by the presence of renowned personality Prof. Shanghamitra Mukherjee (Gokhale Group of Institutions), and Tollywood celebrities like Raima Sen, Aaryaan Bhowmik, and Adrija Roy.


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