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The Special Status Of J&K IS Proposed To Revoked In Rajya Sabha

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah has proposed to revoke all the provisions of Article 370 in the Rajya Sabha today. The centre has recently been moving additional forces to Kashmir but had not given any clear motive behind the move. Today Home Minister Amit Shah has proposed to revoke not only 370 but to form Jammu and Kashmir as Union Territory with legislation and Ladakh a separate Union Territory without legislation. The proposal to remove Article 370 which gives Jammu and Kashmir a special status has raised a roar of protest among the opposition.

Centre has already imposed section 144 on Monday 6 am to prevent riot that is sure to ensue after the proposal of revoking Article 370. Schools and colleges are closed until further notice. Riot control vehicles are present to intervene in case of any sign of riot.
Top party leader of the state J&K like National Conference leader Omar Abdullah and PDP Chief Mehebooba Mufti were put in house arrest as fo now. Mobile and internet connection have been suspended for now.

Home Minister Amit Shah said there will be no break in Rajya Sabha today as the members will discuss the bills for J&K. The first one is evoking Article 370 and form Union Territory for J&K and Ladakh. The last one is to add several clauses in Article 367 to enable J&K’s governance without Article 370.
Union Home Minister’s statement regarding the proposal to form J&K as Union Territory, “Keeping in view the prevailing internal security situation, fuelled by cross border terrorism in the existing state of Jammu and Kashmir, a separate Union Territory for Jammu and Kashmir is being created. The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will be with legislature.”

“The Ladakh Division of the State of Jammu and Kashmir has a large area but is sparsely populated with very difficult terrain. There has been a long pending demand of people of Ladakh, to give it the status of a Union Territory to enable them to realize their aspirations. The Union Territory of Ladakh will be without Legislature”, he added.


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