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Beauty is admired by all irrespective of considering gender. But for woman “beauty” occupies a completely different section in the heart. Who does not want to look beautiful? But is looking beautiful so easy? Or more precisely should we say, is maintaining your beauty so easy? No, my friend! It is not! And we are often so indulged in making our selves look perfect that we forget to take care of our beauty from within.

We all know that Bengalis biggest festival Durga puja is only a few days away. And everyone is prepping up to look their best. From clothing to makeup everything has to be up to the fashion. But no one should forget to take care of their skin and hair in the process of applying to makeup and running iron rods in the hair. So, Atry’s Beauty Clinic and Makeover studio, whose motto is to fulfill the needs of their Kolkata clientele, is here with the
best hair care tips and some peppy hairstyles for the beautiful ladies of Kolkata.

Tips To Protect Your Hair From Damage This Festive Season:

    • When using heat styling, always check the temperature. Cleanliness is important. Shampoo often followed by a good conditioner & a serum.
    • 1 can choose between serum and Argan Oil.
    • I will highly recommend Argan Oil if your hair is dehydrated or chemically treated.
    • Avoid hot water.
    • Always invest in a good heat-protectant serum before styling.
    • Outside is okay, but don’t forget to strengthen hair from within.
    • Deep conditioning is highly recommended.
    • Use Avacado Oil or Shea Butter these give loads of hydration to your hair.
    • Always apply the serum before you expose your hair to the sun &pollution. Many factors, be it environmental or artificial, can damage hair and make it break off or get too dry. So here are a few simple tips one can adopt to
      maintain the good health of hair.
    • The UV ray is a major factor that damages hair and skin. So I would suggest to always wear a cap or cover hair with stole which will protect your hair from UV ray and dust. And off course do always use an umbrella to protect your hair and skin from the scorching heat.
    • For the ones who are into swimming, they should wash their hair right after their swimming session to protect the hair from chlorine.
    • Things that you use to style your hair, such as curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers make the hair dry and frizzy. It’s better to not use these often.

As the festivities are knocking at your doorstep it’s high time to ditch your old, boring look and try on a new and different hairstyle. After all who doesn’t want to be the center of attraction? You can do so many things with your hair like cut them short, trim them, go for some crazy bangs, or just curl them if you have straight hair and vice versa. So here are some sassy and eye-catching hairstyles right from the Atry’s.

Few Hairstyles recommend for this festive season:

      • Crimped Waves
      • Center Part
      • Glossy Strands
      • Smooth and Straight
      • Sleek Low Ponytails
      • Messy Bun
      • Headbands
      • Braided Crowns
      • Smooth Side Braid

So don’t forget to be stylish this festive season and don’t leave your pores and cuticles crying. Take utmost care of your skin and hair with the tips from Atry’s. And yes! Complete your looks be it western or eastern with the hairstyles recommended above. Enjoy your puja and stay beautiful!


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