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Two Mobile Phone Application Launch, For the Health and Education Sector by Divine Foundation Trust

During this pandemic, the entire society is under a dilemma about their future. The whole world is going through a moral and major financial crisis. Talking of crisis the sectors are which are majorly affected is the education and health industry; which are the two pillars of any society.

School, colleges & universities are closed and everything is getting digitalised; even going for a private tuition is near to impossible now a day’s, which frowns upon the fate of the student altogether. On the other hand if we talk about the healthcare system, it is terribly suffering because of the current situation. The patients who have other health issues are facing massive harassments during their regular checkups and it is getting neglected terribly.

In this situation, Divine Foundation & Charitable Trust has taken a baby step in finding a solution by launching two mobile phone applications named Vidyang App for complete paperless Schooling, and Medicure App which will provide end to end services regarding any health problems.

Vidyang App: The application has been designed in such a way where the school authorities, students & parents will be well connected with each other and hence will be on the same page. Through this application monitoring everything will just be a click away from the school authorities. The app is being developed in such a way that it will generate all the reports for a class or for any individual in particular. School management will get instant notification if any teacher couldn’t reach the classroom on time. Parents will also get notified regarding the dates of the school fees and they will also get reminder regarding the same on a certain interval of time.

Students, apart from receiving virtual classes will also be benefitted by getting free access to the library. Everybody will get notifications about the admission dates and times so no one misses out. Students will get digital books from where they can continue with their studies; Divine foundation trust has taken an oath to make this world green and this is their first step towards reaching their goals.

Students can appear for Mock tests & Combined Examination Test which may help them in future. If any class is missed by any student they can access the class later on and review the class and collect the study material which will already there in the app.

Parents also play an important role in this education and also in the overall development of a child. By the help of this app they can track all the progress reports and comments of the teacher on individual students and no longer need them to visit the school in person for all these things.

Medicure App: This application will provide end to end solutions to the patients from booking an appointment with the doctor according their need, to the supply of medicines at their door steps to scheduling their timings for any particular test. Patient can avail the wallet facility for paying their bills or they can simply opt for cash on delivery services or any other online payment services.

Doctors and hospital authorities can also register themselves and can add their consultation details in it so that it will be easier for a patient to find their availability before booking an appointment. Doctors can use the wallet facility to accept the consultation fees from the patient. They also can link themselves with different pharmacies and pathological laboratories where they want to recommend their patients easily. Hospitals can manage their entire operation through this admin panel. They also register their OPD in doctor section so that they have a hassle-free operation in OPD section.

Pathology labs can also register themselves to get more patients who require test reports in accessible sphere. In this app they can promote discount and offers to the patients and doctors. Same by the registered Medicine Shops, the patients can order their required medicines; they can promote discount and offers to the patients. Also they can control their supply chain management through this app.

Divine Foundation and Charitable trust has designed the product keeping in mind the situation during and post COVID19. The investment of the client will enhance their business in near future. “As we really don’t have any idea when this pandemic situation will leave us. Hoping for the best to all, and we shall overcome this situation soon” says Mr. Dipankar Roy, the president of Divine Foundation Trust.


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