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Veere Di Wedding movie review

Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania’sVeere Di Wedding has finally hit the screens and we are quite excited about this one! This romantic comedy about four best friends and how their friendship affects their relationships seems quite intriguing, but what’s the people’s take on the movie? The first day first show of the movie has already started and looks like the audience is liking the movie. Some have praised the performances, while others have spoken about some particular scenes.

bing a Editor of Whats New Life (wnl news ) teling that “Veere Di Wedding is unapologetic and brash in its message that women can have as much fun as men, if not maybe a little more! Watch it for the all girl ensemble cast that delivers a knockout punch with their performance.” But what’s the first day first show verdict by the audience? Has the movie passed or failed? We decided to give you the live public reaction for Veere Di Wedding, one tweet at a time so that you can decide for yourself how the movie is!

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