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Work from Home is the need of the Decade-Be Prepared with ITZIN

Who could have imagined a life like this- a life where staying indoors is the new ‘cool’ and #WorkFromHome is the new trend? But, unfortunately, due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, we are living this life, which was beyond our imagination, a few months back.

From economy and health to all the future plans we had, there is a sense of complete insecurity around us. But even amidst all these uncertainties, one thing is certain- ‘Working from Home’ is not just a mere trend, but a necessity of the decade. From ensuring the security of your family to following the directive by government, working from home is the smartest option available given the present scenario. Amidst all these, unavailability of a proper working space and an uncomfortable work area is the last thing, we should be worrying about.

In India homes are considered to be an integral part of our private lives as a result, we often give proper workstation a miss from our homes. However, in the current situation, having a home office seems to be the best option and ITZIN is all set to create an ‘Office’ within your home, ensuring safety for you and your family, without disrupting your health and professional life, all within your budget.

  •  Inspired by Profession
    Since the ancient ages, space is often connected to positivity and productivity of a person. Keeping this in mind, the professionals at ITZIN will plan the design of your space according to your professional needs.
  •  Say No To Distraction
    Having a door, a television or a music system in your workspace will simply create distraction during your work hours. However, with the professionals from ITZIN, finding that right corner within your home will be easy and effective.
  •  Let there be Light
    While there is always a provision for artificial lighting, looking for natural lighting for your workspace is always advisable. The right lighting will ensure better productivity without straining your eyes. Team ITZIN with their years of expertise will create the right lighting for your home office.
  • Comfort is the Key
    To work efficiently, we all need a comfortable set up, the right combination of desk and chair so it does not affect your back or shoulder. And here steps in the professionals from ITZIN. Not only will they design the right ambience but will ensure a comfortable workspace with the right furniture.
  • Make it Function
    Only a team of professional can create a functional space for you, with everything that you require to work right within your reach, and ITZIN boasts of a super efficient team to turn your home office into a functional space.
  • Background Matters
    Imagine you are on a video conference and your clients and colleagues can see your family photographs or the television in your background? Not a good idea, right? Team ITZIN will design the right work space with the right background so you can create the right impact on your colleagues and clients

TZIN is one of Asia Pacific’s leading creative interior architecture firms, with an extensive commercial and residential project experience not just in India but across the world. Their services include Interior designing and construction, Mechanical and electrical system design, furniture design and production and graphic design as well. They believe in translating client’s needs into creative designs resulting in beautiful and effective spaces.

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