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৬.৮ মাত্রার ভূমিকম্পে কেঁপে উঠল জাপান, জারি সুনামি সতর্কতা What's New Life লোকসভায় কংগ্রেসকে নেতৃত্ব দেবেন অধীর What's New Life বৈশ্বিক বাজারে আসতে দেরি হুয়াওয়ের ফোল্ডেবল স্মার্টফোন মেট এক্স What's New Life সৌদির প্রথম নারী পাইলট ইয়াসমিন আল মাইমানি What's New Life অ্যাসিড আক্রান্ত নারীদের সাহায্যার্থে শাখরুখের ‘মীর ফাউন্ডেশন’ What's New Life উদ্ধার জাদুকর চঞ্চল লাহিড়ীর নিথর দেহ What's New Life ৮ বছরে ভারতের জনসংখ্যা ছাপিয়ে যাবে চীনকে : জাতিসংঘ What's New Life মধ্যপ্রাচ্যে বাড়তি সেনা পাঠাচ্ছে যুক্তরাষ্ট্র What's New Life পার্লামেন্টে শপথ নিয়ে স্বাক্ষর করতে ভুলে গেলেন রাহুল! What's New Life কাশ্মীরে অনন্তনাগে ‘বন্দুকযুদ্ধে’ আহত ৩ জওয়ান What's New Life
World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality promotes Ethical  Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Future

The eleventh edition of the World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality ("Confluence"), organised by Kanoria Foundation, encouraged ethical entrepreneurship to promote a culture of balanced, responsible, and sustainable business practices based on spirituality, inspiring a diverse gathering of eminent industrialists, business leaders, and luminaries, from across the globe. The Confluence engaged scholars and intellectuals from different walks of life in dialogues
on how spirituality can fuel businesses to become ethical and effective, principled and
profitable, conscious and commercial, all at the same time. The discussion brought forth a
plethora of ideas that can act as guiding principles for setting forth a practical yet value
based plan for business management, especially for the new age entrepreneurs. The
Confluence also saw convergence of concepts that can be adapted by existing businesses for
creating an enhanced ecosystem, for the benefit of all its stakeholders.
The two-day Confluence at The Westin Rajarhat, Kolkata was inaugurated today by Shri
Keshari Nath Tripathi, Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal in the presence of Dr. H.P.
Kanoria, Chairman, Kanoria Foundation, and the four trustees of Kanoria Foundation – Mr.
Hemant Kanoria, Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria, Mr. Sunil Kanoria and Mr. Sujit Kanoria.
On this occasion the books “Spiritual Humanity”, a collection of speeches given by all the
dignitaries of past ten World Confluences, and “Managing by the Bhagavad Gita:
Timeless Lessons for Today’s Managers” edited by Prof. Satinder Dhiman & Prof. A.D.
Amor were unveiled. This was followed by the launch of “Ethical Entrepreneurship App”
which provides practical guidance on how application of spiritual values in business greatly
enhances the performance of core management functions necessary for the development of
a sustainable and responsible business. The Kanoria Foundation also appealed the esteemed
gathering to commemorate October 18 every year as “The World Values Day” by
making one small change in their lives which will help in transforming the world at large.
Janab Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha; Padma
Vibhushan Dr. Sonal Man Singh, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, and Founder-
President of Center for Indian Classical Dances; Shri Tathagata Roy, Hon’ble Governor of
Meghalaya, and Padma Shri Santosh Yadav are amongst the distinguished guests who
graced the Confluence.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. H.P. Kanoria, Chairman, Kanoria Foundation, said: "Just as
societies need businesses for inclusive and all-round development, businesses need
societies for their sustainable existence. Principles of Spirituality govern the harmonious co-
existence of societies, businesses, and the nature. The current environment demonstrates
that short-term desires for profits have blurred the vision of a sustainable and value based
co-existence. Therefore, understanding the importance of spiritual values amongst
individuals, organisations, and the society at large has become increasingly important.

Kanoria Foundation is dedicated towards the spirituality based culture of righteousness,
devotion to work, pure intentions, respect, unity, peace and similar such values.


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What's New Life