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The bond between the Awadhi/Mughlai cuisine and Kolkata goes a long way back. And talking about either of these two cuisines in Kolkata, the restaurant that automatically pops up to our mind is none other than Aminia.

Aminia, the casual fine dining restaurant which has brought its first outlet into existence in 1929 by late Abdul Rahim began its glorious journey by serving Kolkata, the famous Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow and later added other Mughlai dishes to the menu too. After seeing the growing fondness and demand for Awadhi food among the folks of Kolkata, the second generation of the family decided to expand their business. Completing its 90 years of progression, today Aminia has a total of 9 outlets all over Kolkata, out of which the oldest and the largest outlet, is located in the Futnani Chamber near the Kolkata Municipal Corporation in Sir Stuart Hogg Market or New Market.

The casual fine-dining restaurant has expanded its chain by setting up outlets in Golpark, Jessore Road, Shyambazar, Rajarhat, Behala, Barrackpore, Serampore and Sodepur. Yes, that’s true! You can now indulge in your favourite Awadhi/Mughlai delicacies in Sodepur too and all thanks to this gem of a restaurant! It has been launched recently during Durga Puja.

The main motive behind the launch of their 3000 sq.ft (including the kitchen) new outlet in Sodepur has been the same as for the other outlets, which is just to reach maximum people in the most suited locations and to make them taste the delicious royal cuisine at an affordable price.The 40-seater fine-dining restaurant also gives us the service of home delivery. You can also order their lip-smacking dishes from Swiggy or Zomato.

With the incorporation of modern technologies in the kitchen, they have managed to keep the cuisine fully authentic and with this, there are also some recipe manuals, food tasting reports and an in-house food quality check team which certifies that the same recipe is followed through all the branches ensuring similar flavour evoking a strong feeling of nostalgia. Besides this, Aminia has its butchery, so that their customers can be assured in consuming only fresh and hand-picked meat.

So to all the Sodepur residents out there, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and treat your taste buds with Aminia’s delicious delicacies. The Sodepur outlet remains open from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM. Pocket Pinch for two people is approx. Rs. 550/- (+taxes).


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