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The Biggest Monsoon Trends

The monsoon has set in and all the trees look lush and healthy. Hurrah! Actually we in KOLKATA, have nothing to complain about the weather since there was really no summer to speak of. Monsoon is special to the Indian subcontinent and there is something very romantic about it. some people never understand what is right fashion to do and what not ….. monsoon never carry hi fashion and loud makeup like dark lipstick , dark eye shadow  and all….. unplanned fashion never  going with  monsoon fashion .

Fashion wise, the biggest monsoon trends are all about carrying tote bags, colourful umbrellas, fun wellingtons, nice big ethnic jewellery.

Tote bags

Forget the boring brown and pick bold printed totes. The tote bag is the best fashion invention because you can fit pretty much everything that you need for a day. A versatile tote will fit in your wallet, stationery, books, medicines and the mobile battery bank that you just cannot live without. For me, the tote is the quintessential fashion buy. Look for quirky prints . The quirkier the bag the more eyes it will draw and who doesn’t want to be looked at?


My  childhood memory of the monsoon is a  umbrella with cartoon elephants printed all over it, and of course, jumping in puddles which was strictly forbidden. Therefore, I can’t imagine not having a stylish umbrella to get me through the monsoon. Neon umbrellas are a big trend at the moment. You can also pick up the transparent ones to add to your style quotient. My personal favourite is the Alexander McQueen umbrella that comes with a skull handle.


Willies short for Wellington boots is the most practical fashion trend of the rainy season. They usually are made of rubber. Forget buying the boring black ones that will make you look like a construction worker. Look for neon willies in pop colours like fuchsia and orange. They will most certainly brighten up your outfit in this weather. Also, you can actually go for a stroll anywhere in the city without stressing over getting your feet muddy in the puddles. Willies look best when worn with a pair of skinny jeans tucked into the boots, and a shirt.

Ethnic Jewellery

Movies are a huge influence on fashion. So, flaunting Indian jewellery during the monsoon is a must. Bring out the jhumkas and big hoop earrings and wear them with your palazzos and tunics. Ghunghroos are also very fashionable during this season. They lend you a delicate look. Wear them in your anklets or earrings. Even a necklace with ghunghroos on an indigo saree will make a style statement. Make some noise and have fun with ghunghroos!


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