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Alia Bhatt’s Public Stance on Cruel Treatment of Dog

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt condemned the act of cruelly beating a dog when he took shelter in a society of Worli, Mumbai.
The video of the cruel act went viral on July 24where a Mr.Bhatia of the society ordered the watchman to beat the dog so no other stray takes shelter or comes in the vicinity of the building.
The actress took to tweeter to share her heartbreak over such heinous act .she posted a letter which relays her disbelief over the commitment of such inhuman act. “The more I hear about lucky the dog the more I break. Anyone who orders and asks for a dog to be beaten and thrown across the building obviously does not have value for life… And anyone who goes through with such an act is nothing less than a criminal.This is just so so heartbreaking… how can we put up with this?”
She also urges her fellow citizens to take a humane stance in these matters. “Such cruelty is heartbreaking and we need to prevent such incidents by creating awareness among the people we live with. Let’s allow strays to take shelter in our buildings when it rains and make this the last incident of its kind,” She said.


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